019: Common Injuries Among Women and How to Avoid Them

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In this episode, Kat Ingalls DPT (doctor of physical therapy) helps us to better understand some of the most common injuries women experience when working to up-level their health.

We discuss the dangers of pushing your body too hard too fast and why a foundation of basic strength, combined with smart exercise progression, is so important. Kat also dishes out tips and tricks for quicker recovery when an injury does occur.


2:53: Meet Kat Ingalls.

4:20: How the physical therapy industry is changing.

5:30: Top 3 physical challenges among women.

8:40: Understanding the “core”.

10:00: Simple ways to start engaging the “core”.

12:15: Relieving neck tension.

16:20: Understanding the functionality of the hips.

19:50: Understanding sciatic pain.

23:00: Smart exercise programming.

29:00: The role of lifestyle choices in the healing process.

32:30: Kat’s take on barefoot training.

34:00: Kat’s top 3 suggestions for avoiding injury.

You can find out more about Doctor Kat Ingalls at her website: www.mindfulmotionpt.com

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