027: The Secret to Sustainable Health Goals

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There is a lot of talk these days about the importance of sustainability in regards to how we live, but we all know… talk is cheap. Our actions speak volumes and are saying something else. As consumers, far too many of us are still buying into quick, fast and easy solutions that provide little to no long term success.

Many people don’t want to pay the cost in terms of time, money and energy to build a solid foundation of great health. They want to commit for brief periods of time, often through extreme measures, to create massive change that disappears nearly as quickly as it was achieved.

In this week’s podcast we discuss the secret to not only achieving health goals, but being able to sustain them for years to come!


3:00: The “whip cream on shit” approach to health.

5:45: The three things that will help you achieve success and sustain results.

6:50: Building a meaty “why”

11:30: The problem with only having a weight goal.

13:30 How “joy” improves our chances of sustaining results.

20:45: Treating yourself like a friend, rather than an enemy.

22:40: One of the best ways to start building self-compassion.

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