034: A Pep Talk for the Days You Want to Quit

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Quitting is tempting. It is easy. It is liberating…for a moment.

No one ever does it on a GOOD day.

Nope. You do it on the days that struggle seeps into your flow, and insecurity whispers lies that you will never arrive at your destination. You start to question everything and, worst of all, you fail to remember why started traveling down this road to begin with.

It is on those days that you would do anything for a little more GRIT to keep going, silence the fear, and reclaim your flow.

IT is on the hard days that courage is called out of her lair and reigns supreme…IF you unleash her.


3:00: Mature reasons for getting healthier are the linchpin to success.

8:00: How to get back on track once you have been derailed.

10:00: It takes courage to navigate problems along your health journey.

13:00: Practice dancing with resistance in order to improve your ability to take the lead.

17:00: Becoming action oriented rather than outcome oriented.

19:00: Acknowledge how far you have come.

21:00: Creating power statements to motivate yourself to do the work.

22:50: Question the obvious.

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