060: Becoming the Victor of Your Health Story w/ Dr. Liz Walker

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“Healthy by choice, not by chance.” That is the motto of my guest, Dr. Liz Walker, who is featured as a guest on today’s episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast. I freaking love that and could not agree more.

Liz Walker is a chiropractor here in Missoula, MT and she is a health professional who absolutely walks her talk and understands that there are a lot of facets to the health equation. She and her husband own a very popular CrossFit facility here in Missoula, and she is also the owner and primary practitioner at Primal Practice Chiropractic.

She is an athletic, healthy, hard working and an all around great gal who I am thrilled agreed to spend a bit of time with us today.

More about today’s guest:

I am Dr. Liz Walker.
I have two places I call home, the first is Australia and the second, where I live, is Missoula, MT.
I am a Chiropractor and owner of Primal Practice Chiropractic. I work with the power inside you that animates the universe.
I am a coach and owner of 5 Valleys CrossFit. I believe that we are all powerful beyond measure.
I was a collegiate tennis player and am on an ongoing athletic journey. I believe everyone is an athlete.
I believe that everyone should build a team that will have their back whenever they need it.
I believe that everyone has the right to seek their truth.
I want to educate people in the healing potential of their bodies and see how it can change their family and their community.
I want to leave a legacy of strong, empowered and enlightened families.

To connect with Liz visit Primal Practice Chiropractic or find her on Instagram @primal_chiro

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