086: Natural Hormone Healing w/ Madeline MacKinnon

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I have had several guests on the show to discuss the power hormones have in the health equation because honestly, I do not think this is a topic we can discuss enough. Hormones influence and govern everything about our physiology: weight fertility, mood, energy, sleep and sex drive…just to name a few things. And their disruption can cause havoc on our tissues, our systems and ultimately our sanity.

While there may be a time and place for pharmaceutical intervention to help balance extreme hormone challenges, there are a lot of ways to balance our hormones naturally, which are often overlooked.

So today, I have invited to the show, Madeline MacKinnon the founder of Natural Hormone Healing to give us some insight into the wild world of hormones and how to create a state of hormonal bliss.

More about today’s guest:

Madeline MacKinnon a certified nutrition consultant and the founder of Natural Hormone Healing. She dedicates her time, energy and education to help women from around the world to balance their hormones naturally without drugs. Her unique and effective system synthesizes functional nutritional, herbalism, stress management rituals, and lifestyle changes.

It has been her great privilege to help women from all walks of life through preconception, peri-menopause, menopause, PCOS, Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid issues and many other hormonally related health issues. Besides working with her own private clients, Madeline also teaches classes on hormone balance and function nutrition across western Canada.

Learn more: Website | Cramp Reduction

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