Welcome to the

Power Years

Midlife is an invitation to step out.

Ready for a one-of-a-kind incubator of education, support and inspiration for women who are ready to lead themselves more confidently through their second act than they did their first one?

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To the woman entering (or fully in)
the midlife arena—

Welcome to a life-altering opportunity.

My name is Courtney Townley, Mover, Shaker, & Midlife Queen Maker, here to help you put your best years ahead of you and fully shift the conversation around female health in middle age.

These years are perhaps the most important (and often, stressful) juncture you will ever cross in your lifetime. AND coincidentally, it’s a time when you have the least amount of hormones and natural resilience to back you up!

While that might sound like a problem, I actually see it as a powerful invitation.

Because really, it helps you shift your perspective and get brutally honest about what works, what’s no longer serving you, and what you actually need to lead a life of wellness and vitality.

And what you need most at this point in your life is NOT…

…another prescribed diet that promises to make you smaller (but really just perpetuates the notion that your body is a problem)...

…to look like a 23 year-old supermodel (feeling good in your skin is great! But, not at the cost of your mental or physical health)...

…more reasons that your body is a hindrance in the pursuit of a life you love (your body has supported you through everything thus far—it’s time you treat it with the respect and love it deserves).

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What you and your body desperately crave and need is…

To broaden your definition of health because true vitality is more than going to the gym and eating salads, it’s self-leadership and radical responsibility for your own happiness.

More tools for self-leadership because outsourcing every wellness decision to someone else is a recipe for burnout, distrust, and second-guessing.

Increased trust and love for the body that’s carried you through life because there’s so much more possibility ahead! Supporting your unique chemistry, lifestyle, and makeup is the only way to thrive in middle age.

Ending the war with your body the wellness industry has convinced you is a necessary evil… because really, peace with yourself frees up so many resources wasted on obsessing about the size of your thighs.

Midlife is a time to step out,
not fade out.

The truth is, you are in your prime when you decide to be in your prime. Your best years are ready for the taking, but you’ve got to grab ’em.

For over 20 years, I’ve coached and trained midlife women to stop neglecting their needs, prioritize full-spectrum wellness, and completely shift their ideas around what it means to live full out in this era of life.

And the result?

A second act that is full of more vitality, self-trust, and gusto than the first.

With a little renovation of the life you’ve built so far, it’s all possible.
I’d love to take you lovingly by the hand and guide you.
Life is about to get
so sooo good.

Let’s get to work.

Courtney Townley of Grace and Grit - wearing a black suit with a coral shirt, her hands are playfully in the air as she looks over her shoulder

Say it with me “my body is NOT the problem!”

Ahhh…doesn’t it feel great to release the chains you’ve lived with for so long?

It’s true that the wellness and diet industry wants you to believe that your body is broken—that it needs to be fixed, resculpted, and forced into looking a certain way.

The Power Years Coaching is all about ditching that narrative and nourishing your body consistently. This is what provides the jumping off point for a life of self-leadership, trust in your wonderful body, and peace knowing you’re making the most of your second act.

Are you ready to put your best years ahead of you rather than behind you?

Let’s do it!

Your guide to changing the conversation around vitality and start truly showing up for yourself. It’s all inside my FREE Midlife Magic Quickstart Guide.

Ready to make some magic?

Mend the fabric of your health story, one episode at a time.

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