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Straight Talk About Women’s Pelvic Health Issues w/ Alison Gray

Let’s face it ladies, there are an awful lot of things that can go wrong with our lady parts. Nearly every single woman I have worked with over the course of the past 20 years has experienced some kind of challenge with pelvic health: be it pelvic pain, incontinence, prolapse, or a host of other “not so fun” conditions. If we are interested in expanding the conversation of what it really takes to be a health/fit woman, we cannot ignore the very important topic of pelvic health.

Health will not be found by avoiding the things that make us healthy. We need to find solutions to the problems including an open and honest conversation around pelvic health. And who better to include in this conversation, than someone who has been studying the issue for well over a decade?

Alison Gray is a registered physiotherapist with over 17 years experience, residing in Stratford, Ontario. Although she treats all musculoskeletal problems, she has focused on pelvic pain and dysfunction over the last 12 years.

If you are a woman, this episode is a must if you want to preserve and protect the health of your pelvis.

Understanding the Incredible Power of the Nervous System w/ Irene Lyon: Part 1

I have been working with women to improve their health story now for nearly 20 years, and the longer I am at this, the more I believe that focusing on nutrient dense food and regular movement is actually the EASY part of getting healthy. When clients sign up to work with me, they are under the impression that I am going to have them do MORE to create the change they are seeking, so you can imagine their surprise when I ask them to do LESS. And why less…because most people are coming to work with me in stressed out state that is on hyper-drive. Stressing out their system MORE with less food and more exercise is not a great starting place to create positive and sustainable change. So the I am at this health coaching business, the more I have come to appreciate the incredible power of slowing down and HEALING before we ask more from our bodies.

So…I am ridiculously excited about today’s guest. Her name is Irene Lyon and she helps people to heal and honor their nervous systems, so they can create real, sustainable change and, ultimately get the most out of every aspect of their life.

The One Question to Ask to Dramatically Improve Your Relationship With Your Body

Your body is listening to everything you say and really it should come as no surprise that your body is going to be less-than-compliant to the changes you are trying to make, if you are trying to bully it into submission (which…let’s face it, isn’t working, has never worked, and will never work).

How about extending a bit of grace to yourself? You know…kindness and compassion?

It’s probably been awhile since you have granted yourself any grace, so let me help you out.

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