How 2020 reminds me of motherhood.

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The only thing I can really compare the chaos of 2020 to is motherhood.

The first year of motherhood was not a pretty transition for me.

Nope, my transition into motherhood more closely resembled a class 5 hurricane.

It was NOT a graceful transition for me.

The good news is. I survived (the kid did too). I learned a lot AND…

Turns out I adore motherhood… most days.

That hellish first year eventually morphed into something beautiful – it reshaped my life in ways I never could have expected and actually made everything so much richer than before.

And I am reminding myself of that HARD as we slide into the final quarter of 2020, the year that just keeps on giving things that I am struggling to make sense of.

“Life is happening FOR me” has been my anchoring thought this year.

Because, the alternative, “Life is happening TO me”… just makes me want to crawl in a hole with a never-ending Netflix series and a bottomless bucket of Ben & Jerry’s (New York Super Fudge Chunk… would be my flavor of choice, in case my neighbors are reading this).

“Life is happening FOR me” reminds me that, just like that first year of motherhood, it is possible that 2020 is shaking up life like a snowglobe so it morphs into something better than I could have planned…

I just can’t see it yet. #hopeful

Maybe the thought “life is happening FOR me” will help you too?

Life is happening FOR me

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