21 Tips to Rock Your Health in 2021


It has been over 20+ years since I first set out to help women improve their health and…well… I have come a long way, baby!

How far? Well…

At 20, I was teaching Butts & Guts classes. Today, I run a robust coaching business teaching women how to like who they are, what they do and why they do the things that they do.

So… as I said, I have come a long way.

Through a ton of education, a lot of application, and making many, many mistakes…

I have learned a few things about what it really takes to show up for yourself on the regular and over the course of the next 21-days I am going to share with you 21 tips to rock your health in the new year. (Don’t worry, this won’t be an onslaught of dietary and exercise advice because… the truth is… you know a thing or 50 you could be doing to improve your health… you just aren’t doing them).

Oh… and there is going to be an amazing finale the last week of the month, you won’t want to miss! Read on for Day 1 of 21 and be sure to join me on Instagram to follow along in real-time for all 21 days.

Day 1 of 21

relationshipDo you want to spend every minute of every day in 2021 (and the rest of your life, for that matter) with someone who…

👉You don’t trust?
👉Rarely makes time for you?
👉Doesn’t communicate with you?
👉Hyper-focuses on your every flaw and weakness?
👉Never celebrates all that you are doing well?
👉Only likes you when you can fit in those “skinny jeans”?

I am willing to bet the answer to that is not just a no, but a firm “HELL NO”.

And yet, sadly, that is precisely the type of person many women will be with in 2021 because that is the kind of relationship they have with themselves.

😞They don’t trust themselves to do what they said they would do.
😞They make time for everyone BUT themselves.
😞They have a tape playing on repeat in their head crippling them with self-doubt and delusions that “perfection is a requirement” for a life well-lived.
😞They hold grudges with themselves for making mistakes.

Worse yet…

They convince themselves that if they just lose the weight, achieve the thing, reach that destination… all will be well. 🤦‍♀️

The thing is…

Health is not a result of the destinations you visit in your life (read: outcomes you achieve)…

It is a byproduct of the ongoing RELATIONSHIP you have with yourself.

So, as you stand at the edge of a new year with the intention of rocking your health in 2021 and beyond …

Tell me at least 1 quality of the kind of person you DO want to spend every minute of every day with in 2021? Click here to share on Instagram.

Day 2 of 21

Respect Your BandwidthThe human brain is pretty damn remarkable. 🧠

It makes a gazillion decisions for you every day.

It even has the ability to create new neurons and reorganize its wiring. #neuroplasticity

Which means…

It is NEVER too late to change! (read that again).

You can learn new skills, change habits that aren’t serving you into ones that do, and develop yourself into the person you truly want to be.

Here the thing, though…

Adopting new behaviors is a LOT of work for your brain (which is already working overtime in the age of hustle and productivity).

If you have ever tried to clear a path in a dense forest, that is kind of what developing new habits is like for your brain. It is HARD WORK at first. 🥵

Think about how much mental energy it took you to drive a car for the first time compared to now.

My point is…

If you want to create meaningful change in your life, you must learn to respect the fact that, like time and energy, your brain’s bandwidth for making decisions and practicing new things, each day, has limits.

This is why the “overhaul-your-life-overnight” approach (which the diet industry LOVES to sell you on) NEVER works.

Well, it might work in the short term, but inevitably, you will revert back to old habits and find yourself starting over and over again.

When you try to make too much change at once, your brain freaks out 😫 and sounds an alarm that screams, DANGER! DO NOT PROCEED…

And you end up doing a nose dive into the chocolate chip cookies you just “made for your friend” and wonder what’s wrong with you.


Your strategy is just flawed…it is not honoring your brain’s bandwidth.

Strategies can be fixed:)

IF you are willing to practice extending yourself the grace of starting small and progressing wisely.

So tell me, is your approach to improving your health currently respecting your brain’s bandwidth? Click here to share on Instagram.

And share this with women who you think could benefit from hearing the message.🙏💕


Day 3 of 21

Choose Your DiscomforThe primal brain has three primary objectives:

➡️Seek pleasure
➡️Avoid pain/discomfort
➡️Exert the least amount of effort

Which isn’t exactly a recipe for health in modern-day society.😞

Think about it…

=> You have the opportunity to indulge in pleasure at every turn (food, alcohol, Netflix, social media, etc).

=> You certainly don’t HAVE to learn, grow or evolve yourself as a human being.

=> In the age of technology, you can have just about all of your immediate needs met at the touch of a button.

The good news is…

You also have a more evolved part of your brain (a prefrontal cortex) that allows you to parent your primal brain to not indulge at every opportunity, lean into discomfort to become a more robust version of yourself by intentionally applying effort.

You can kid yourself into thinking that you are avoiding discomfort by not “doing the work” that will move your health and life to higher ground… but….

The cost of NOT doing the work is a lot of physical AND emotional discomfort and can create a whole lot of unnecessary suffering in your life.

The cost of DOING THE WORK is also experiencing some discomfort (no suffering required with the right strategy and mindset though) and…

There are immense benefits on the other side of that!

So which will you be choosing in 2021? A or B? Click here to share your answer on Instagram.

Day 4 of 21

Simple NOT ComplexDid you read a book before you learned the alphabet?

Of course not!

Yet this is precisely how many women go about trying to improve their health.

They apply complex formulas BEFORE they have mastered the basics.

And truth be told…

In all the years I have worked with women on behavior change, I have NEVER found super complex formulas to be helpful for very long.

Sadly, this is largely what women are sold and they feel so desperate to change, they bite.

A few weeks or months later…

They are sliding down a slippery slope back to where they started.

Which makes total sense. (go back and read day #2’s tip about having limited bandwidth and how new behaviors actually develop in the brain.)

Simple habits applied CONSISTENTLY over time not only generate results…

They become a part of who you are, so sustaining the results you have produced is a given.

As James Clear so brilliantly points out in his book, Atomic Habits: True behavior change is identity change.

And your identity is shaped by what you do consistently, not by what you do once in a great while.

Whatever it is you want for your health next year, learning to become CONSISTENT in the basic things can take you so much further than that the absurdly complex formulas that will be sold to you at every turn come January 1.

So how about it? Are you ready to ditch the complex and master the basics? Click here to share your answer on Instagram.

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Day 5 of 21

Focus On Why Over WhatImproving health isn’t simply a matter of focusing on WHAT you do but WHY you do the things you do.

As someone who spent the first decade of her career immersed heavily in the fitness industry,

And the second decade immersed heavily in health coaching…

I am more convinced than ever that deep health is only possible when you are willing to do deep inner work.

In other words, you’ve got to get deeply honest with yourself.

Which takes time and it isn’t always fun.

It requires acknowledging the parts of yourself that you’d rather the rest of the world just didn’t know about: the fear, the shame, the frustration, the self-doubt, etc.

It is really no wonder why most people hyper-focus on the easier stuff, like the latest diet and exercise programs, to try to take back control of their health.

I have worked with women who were working out 7 days a week and paying meticulous attention to every bite of food they eat, not because they were concerned about their health, but because they were concerned about being liked. #thatisnothealth

I have worked with women who appeared selfless on the outside because they said YES to everyone else’s needs but came to find out it was because they lacked the confidence to set boundaries. 😞

What someone does tells you nothing about the intention behind it.

And, it turns out, WHY you do anything is EVERYTHING.

As you roll into 2021, I hope you are willing to go in and get honest about why you do what you do and, most importantly, align yourself in such a way that you like your reasons:)

Know a woman who could use these tips… share this with her🙂

Day 6 of 21

Commit to RecommittingOn a scale from 1-10 how committed are you to nurturing your health? (1 being a “one toe dip”, 10 being a “full-body plunge”)

A lot of people say they are committed at the beginning of their journey but really they are just trying the thing on until it gets uncomfortable.

This is how commitment usually works in the health arena for most women:

💥Inspiration strikes: “I am going to change my life, by golly!”

💪Commit to a new behavior: Drink more water, get more sleep, eat more veggies, etc.

😞Novelty starts to fade: “This isn’t so exciting anymore.”

🤔Quit or Recommit: The is where you get to see how committed you really are.

Recommitting day after day when things aren’t so fun and exciting is where the magic actually happens. (in other words, NOT in that first 6 weeks)

Most programs, of course, are ending when the real work is beginning. They aren’t designed to help you KEEP PRACTICING.

Everything worth committing to is going to have messy bits and if you don’t have a regular practice for refocusing your attention on why you started in the first place – you will not recommit and you will use those messy bits as rationale for quitting.

This is why it is SO stinking important that you start small, you learn to enjoy your process and you develop practices that help you keep your focus on the long game.

Rolling into 2021, keep in mind that your commitment BEGINS when novelty fades:)

Health is a lifelong relationship and deep relationships require deep commitment.

Cheering you on! Share your progress with me over on Instagram.

Day 7 of 21

Implement More Time WarriorsWhat are the things you do each day to make showing up for yourself easier?

If you can’t think of anything, that may be part of the problem you are having making progress along your health journey:)

Time warriors are the little things that help keep you organized, save you time, and ensure that it is easier to show up for the things you say are important to you.

Time warriors might look like:

🧘‍♀️ Take a few minutes at the start of the day to get your head on straight before you go out and try to save the rest of the world.

🤔Pre-deciding what you are going to eat, so you aren’t trying to make nutritious food choices for yourself at a time when you are at the mercy of fatigue, stress, and hunger.

🎉Giving yourself pep talks about how awesome and capable you are (which may sound ridiculous but how much time are you WASTING beating yourself up and making yourself feel unnecessarily miserable)?

Maybe a time warrior for you is asking your family to pitch in with the cooking, hiring someone to help with the cleaning or simply learning how to say NO to the things you don’t want to be spending your precious life energy on.

Time warriors are a little different for everyone and knowing yours and learning how to consistently apply them can go a long way in helping you transform your health in 2021!

Tell me over on Instagram… what is currently one of your time warriors??

Day 8 of 21

Track Progress In A Variety of WaysIf you are trying to improve your health, it makes sense to have ways of measuring progress to ensure you are traveling in the direction you intended to go.

The problem is, the ONLY tool many women use to track their progress is the scale.

This is problematic for so… many… reasons:

1. The scale tells you nothing about the state of your health. It simply tells you your relationship to gravity.

2. Weight loss is not synonymous with health.

3. Fat loss is NOT a linear process.

4. The scale is ONLY one (very general) way to track “physical health” it does not tell you a darn thing about the state of someone’s mental health or how WELL they actually feel.

I am not for or against using the scale to track progress (it really depends on WHO is using it, WHY they are using it and HOW they are interpreting the data).

But if the scale is the ONLY measurement of progress you are using to track progress, you are asking for a lot of unnecessary struggle along your journey.

Tell me, over on Instagram, one of the “non-scale” measurements you use to help you track the state of your health.

Day 9 of 21

Learn to Fail Well

Learning to fail well is definitely a skill worth learning.

As a health & personal development coach, I have the awesome privilege of walking alongside women as they create new possibilities for their lives.

While I can help a woman minimize failure and rebound more quickly I cannot protect her from failure entirely. Nor would I want to.

Failure is where we learn about ourselves and our strategies.

What does failure really mean?
Well… you get to decide that!

You could make it mean that there is something wrong with you and that you aren’t supposed to pursue the things on your heart.


You could use failure to inform your strategy, rework it, and move closer to finding out what DOES work.

How does one practice failing well?

💕You treat yourself with compassion. (like you would a good friend or a child if they failed at something).

🤔You choose to make failure mean something that is useful to you. (in other words… what did you learn??)

💪You commit to maintaining a strong opinion of yourself, no matter how many times you have to get back up.

🧐You stay curious about where you could do differently. (you can’t be curious & judgemental at the same time)

💥You pick yourself up and give it another go.

Click here to tell me in the comments one of the lessons you learned via failure that you likely never would have learned if you were successful on the first go.

Day 10 of 21

Own Your Worth

Otherwise, you will end up hustling for it.

I’ve been there. Done that. NOT recommended.

Hustling for your worth causes a tremendous amount of physical and mental DIS-EASE.

If you don’t learn to fully embrace your worth you will spend your life living out other people’s expectations for you, rather than in alignment with the expectations you have for yourself.

And that just sucks. It results in what I call “Integrity Pain”.

When I encourage women to practice acknowledging that they are worthy right now (without changing a darn thing), this is what I hear:

“If I do that, Courtney, I won’t be motivated to improve the parts of my life I want to improve.”

Actually, the opposite is true…

You take better care of the things you appreciate and respect.

And self-discipline is an extension of owning your worth and understanding how precious it is that you get this one opportunity to express that worth.

When you truly own your worth, you end up “doing the work” you call yourself to do out of devotion to your worth:)

What a concept, eh?

On a scale from 1-10 (10 being exceptional), how good are you at acknowledging that you are worthy of your own time, energy, and attention? Hop over to Instagram and tell me in the comments.

Day 11 of 21

Find the JOY in discipline.Yes, things like exercise, meditation, and eating a nutrient-dense diet have the potential to elevate your health, but if you constantly engage in those things with a piss-poor attitude…

Is that thing as health-promoting as it could be?

The short answer is no.

The energy you bring to your health practices matters.

For a few reasons:
1. Your mindset impacts your chemistry.
2. You won’t keep doing things you don’t enjoy doing.

STRESS, real or imagined can negatively impact your physiology in BIG ways. It elevates cortisol, disrupts the gut, destabilizes blood sugar, promotes fat storage, etc.

Not enjoying your journey actually makes it harder for your body to do what you are asking it to do.

When you are enjoying yourself, you are less stressed and less stress…

  • Lowers cortisol
  • Increases oxytocin
  • Improves heart health
  • Improves Immunity
  • Reduces aches and pains

… and so much more

Health is a lifelong process of showing up for yourself on the regular.


The behaviors you commit to and the energy you bring to the process need to reflect that truth.

If you commit to gigantic measures and/or you hate doing the things that will help you to improve or maintain your health… you won’t do them for long.

But the good news is…

You can learn to enjoy ANYTHING because enjoyment is a byproduct of how you THINK about the work.

And how you think is a choice:)

Is the attitude you are bringing to your health journey making it easier or harder for your body to work its magic? Share your thoughts on this here in the comments.

Day 12 of 21

MotivationClient: “I just don’t feel motivated”  

Me: “What are you doing to create motivation each day?” 

Client: “Well… nothing.” 

Mystery solved:) 

Let’s be honest… 

We all have a secret hope that motivation will be waiting by our bedside every morning with a steaming cup of coffee and a friendly smile to usher us gently into a perfectly executed day, but… 

What we usually find instead of motivation is a pile of resistance reminding us of all the reasons why we are going to struggle to do the things we really want to do for ourselves today. 

Motivation will not magically appear for you every day, so you must learn how to cultivate it for yourself. 

If you don’t: you “might” get lucky and get a shot of motivation once in a great while, but at some point, you will stop focusing on the behaviors you committed to because you just don’t FEEL like doing them and you have lost sight of why you started in the first place. 

A big reason so many women turn to the latest diet and exercise programs is that they are trying to outsource the work of motivation.  

They want someone else to motivate them, which might work for a short time but true motivation is your work. 

So tell me, what are the daily practices you have in place for fueling the motivational fire? 

Psssst… registration is open for the FREE Healthiest Year Yet Challenge. Come join us! 

Day 13 of 21


Acclimate: the process of adjusting or adapting to a new elevation, place or situation.

Acclimating along your health journey looks like a period of rest and adaptation after a period of focused effort.

Not to be confused with stagnating, which is not attempting to make any kind of effort at all.

I grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which sits at just over 6000 feet above sea level. It always took family and friends a few days to adjust when they came to visit:)

Moving from a lower elevation to a higher one is a shock to the system and can be a little unnerving if you aren’t prepared for it.


Stepping out of your box, raising the roof on your potential, and stepping over your self-imposed limitations requires periods of rest and adaptation which can feel a lot like acclimating to a higher altitude.

You may feel disoriented, challenged mentally and physically to the point that you feel like something is wrong with you, or that your goals are too lofty…maybe…like…you aren’t meant to pursue the things you are going after.


Your mind, body, and soul simply need time to acclimate to life at a higher altitude – that is how they adjust!

Rest awhile.
It will pass.
You WILL adapt.

AND you will be more resilient mentally and physically for it.

The air is thinner up where your best life is perched, and it will take periods of concentrated effort, followed by strategic periods of rest to get there.

Underestimate the importance of rest and it may cost you the ability to create what you truly want for your life.

The Healthiest Year Yet Challenge is open for registration! I hope you will join me – register here.

Day 14 of 21

Look for evidence for why you can.

Your brain loves to prove itself right.

Which is why that saying “if you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right” is so damn true!

You will always find evidence for the thoughts you think.

If you think “I don’t have time”, you will find all the reasons why you have no time.

If you think, “I suck at this”, your brain goes to work proving to you all the reasons you do indeed suck at whatever it is you are doing.

If you think “this is too hard”, your brain will make you miserable showing you exactly why you aren’t cut out for the thing you are pursuing.

How is any of that useful to you?

It’s not!

Unless you are a glutton for punishment.

I am constantly telling clients who are looking for evidence for why they can’t to simply turn their head the other direction.

After they have argued for their limitations, I want them to argue for their possibility.

Tell me why you can.
Tell me how this is perfect.
Tell me how your life has prepared you for this.
Tell me what you are learning.
Tell me how you can make time.

The next time you find yourself fighting for your limitations, turn your head the other direction and argue for why you CAN and you WILL and you MUST.

Evidence for both is available to you at all times, and what you see just depends on what direction you are looking:)

Day 15 of 21

Enjoy the journey.

There was a time in my life when I hated car trips.

I just wanted to get to where we were going and the drive time seemed like such a waste of my time.

I think most children feel the same way, which is why they play that dreaded question… “are we there yet?”… on repeat.

The older I got, the more I started to look forward to time in the car.

In fact, now I look forward to my time in the car as much as the destination I am headed to because I have learned to enjoy the travel time.

I use the time in the car to…
🎧 Catch up on podcasts and books on tape.
💕 Connect with my family.
📞 Call a good friend I haven’t talked to in a while.
💡 Brainstorm new ideas.
😲 Marvel at the Montana beauty.

In other words, I learned how to enjoy the travel, not just the arrival:)

Oh, how I wish more women would learn how to do this along their health journey.

If they would learn to be processed focused, rather than outcome-focused…

If they would learn to fall in love with the work rather than be so eager to get it over with…

If they infused the journey with joy and fun…

They would stay the course.
Results would be a byproduct.
Sustainability would be a non-issue.

What are you currently LOVING about your health journey? Drop your answer here in the comments.

P.S. If you could use a little help learning how to fall in love with the journey, doors to my FREE online event called Healthiest Year Yet are open for registration. You can register here🙂

Day 16 of 21


There was a time in my life when I hated car trips.

If you want to end the START/STOP cycle of taking care of yourself, bookmark this post.
And if there is something here that confuses you, let’s break it down…
Well… when you treat your health journey like a destination to be reached, you convince yourself the work is done. When really… the work has just begun.
Health is not an outcome – it is an ongoing PRACTICE of staying honest about what nourishes you and depletes you in ALL areas of your life.
If you don’t have a plan for how you are going to show up for yourself… well… you are not going to.
If you have a plan that asks you to overhaul your normal way of life overnight… your brain will panic and you will not show up for yourself (at least not for very long).
Rationalizing, compromising and negotiating your way out of the work you SAID you would do can easily become a HABIT. All a habit is, in fact, is something you have done SO many times you can do it without thinking.
Your current results are a direct result of your current habits.
You will NEVER be perfect and your journey is supposed to include a lot of detours because that is where all of the learning and growth happens. Making mistakes means you are learning new things and that is how change works! #embracethemess
If you could use more help with these things… sign up for the FREE Healthiest Year Yet Challenge where I teach you how to show up for yourself with more consistency and ease.
Day 17 of 21

the first 5 minutesSo often it is the first 5 minutes that prove to be most difficult.

⏰. The first 5 minutes of your workout.
⏰. The first 5 minutes of your meditation.
⏰. The first 5 minutes of cooking dinner after a long day.
⏰. The first 5 minutes of a difficult conversation.
⏰. The first 5 minutes of getting out of bed.

Basically, the first 5 minutes of anything that requires you to get out of your comfort zone is going to be a little (or very) uncomfortable, which I am reminded of daily in my own process.

Cardio for example.

I NEVER look forward to cardio… never ever have, and expect I probably never ever will…and that is perfectly ok.

I understand the value of it and I want the benefits it provides me with so I show up and lean into the discomfort of doing it.

AND… I NEVER regret doing it.

The first few minutes always feel hard and my mind always makes a very valiant effort trying to convince me to STOP, but I don’t because I have had the experience SO MANY TIMES that I have just come to EXPECT expect that the first 5 min will be hard.

So, I commit to going all in for the first 5 and 99% of the time by the 6 min mark, the resistance has started to fade.

Whatever you resist the most along your journey, be willing to get uncomfortable for 5 minutes and see where that takes you.

I bet you will be pleasantly surprised:)

Pssst…. do not forget to sign up for the Healthiest Year Yet FREE online challenge. There is no wrong time to start. We already have hundreds of women registered and I hope you are one of them:)

Day 18 of 21

EXPANSIONRather than chasing smallness, I am going to suggest that you pursue EXPANSION for the sake of your health. 

💥 Expansion of your self-worth. 
💥 Expansion of your self-confidence. 
💥 Expansion of your self-trust. 
💥 Expansion of your capacity to extend grace to yourself. 
💥 Expansion of your willingness to apply grit. 
💥 Expansion of what you are here to cause, contribute, and inspire. 

I believe that the very reason that you and I are here on this planet is to expand into the best version of ourselves that we possibly can in the limited time we are given. 

By doing so, we can serve people in the most impactful way and help to make the world a bit softer and a whole lot brighter. 

Personally, when I stopped looking at health through the lens of becoming physically smaller and started focusing on expanding into my own greatness… respecting my body, mind and soul got a heck of a lot easier (dare I even say enjoyable) and my health has benefited in ways that it never would have by chasing a smallness. 

The path of expansion is not all rainbows and butterflies. It requires things like… 

👉 Going in and shedding light on the things that have kept you playing small. 

👉Letting things go that are “weighing you down” like self-doubt, shame & judgment. 

👉Recognizing that you are worth the effort (at EVERY size) it will take to live life at a higher elevation. 

As you take stock of 2020 and how you’d like to do better in 2021, I really hope you will ask yourself the following question: 

Am I going to pursue smallness in 2021 or am I going to pursue expanding into the truest and most fulfilling version of myself? 

I really hope for the world’s sake, it is the latter. The world sure could use that version of you right now:) 

If you could use a bit of inspiration and guidance to expand your health this year, join me for the Heathiest Year Yet FREE online challenge. No Monday or New Year required, you can start today!

Day 19 of 21

Mental HealthFor many years I chased physical health with complete disregard for my mental health. I looked fit and healthy on the outside AND I was a broken mess on the inside. 

Sadly, I see so many women doing the same, which is 100% WHY I do the work I do in the world helping women honor their physical health without sacrificing their mental health. 

Personally, I think mental health education should be an integral part of ANY kind of program that qualifies professionals to help individuals improve their physical health.  

Because these are not separate conversations. 

Trying to improve 1 without the other is like trying to ride a motorcycle with 1 wheel. You might be able to do it for a short while, but it won’t get you very far. 

I have never been more passionate about the mental health conversation and I have never been more in love with the work that I get to do in the world. 

If you are a woman who is committed to up-leveling her physical health while simultaneously fiercely protecting her mental health, make sure you join me for the FREE Healthiest Year Yet event. No Monday or New Year required, you can start today!

Day 20 of 21

Know yourself Lead yourselfWhile mentors, teachers, and coaches can give you some directions in VERY specific areas of your life to develop skills, navigate roadblocks and create certain results –  

YOU are responsible for taking into consideration how that advice fits into the wholeness of your life. 

And the honest to God truth is… 

A lot of advice you get may not make any sense to the rest of your life. It doesn’t matter how well it worked for your sister, your co-worker, or your best friend. 

Most women understand the importance of raising kids who think for themselves but we are living at a time when adults do not want to think for themselves, especially when it comes to improving health. 

They just want to be told what to do by someone who knows their body and their life better than they do but I am here to tell you … 


The problem with outsourcing this task to someone else is that NO ONE is living your life.  

NO ONE knows you or your life the way YOU do. 

This is why one of the primary tenents of my work is that improving health is a practice in self-leadership. 

Self Leadership is having a developed sense of who you are, what you can do, and where you want to go combined with the ability to manage your thoughts, emotions, and behavior on the way to getting there. 

To lead yourself well, you need to need to know yourself well. 

And, therein lies the problem for an awful lot of women. 

Knowing yourself well requires time, energy, curiosity, and a desire to explore what makes you tick:) 

One of the best pieces of advice I have for you in the year ahead to improve your health story is to develop your self-leadership skills so you can stop looking outside yourself for all of the answers. 

This is my zone of genius, btw. 

I teach women how to become powerful leaders in their health journey and beyond. 

If you could use help with this DO NOT miss the FREE Healthiest Year Yet Challenge. No Monday or New Year required, you can start today!

Day 21 of 21

Self-CareI talk to a lot of women who don’t seek out the help they need to improve their health because they feel like they should be able to “sort it out” themselves. 

To which my response is always, “Ok. But have you?” 

There is no shame in asking for help.  

In fact, I would argue that asking for help is often an indication that you are actually serious about succeeding. 

I have had coaches and mentors in my life for what feels like my entire life and I don’t ever suspect that there will be a time where I stop asking people to help me improve areas of my life where I feel I could use improvement. 

I don’t seek out help because I think I am incapable of sorting it out on my own, but I don’t want to waste time throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. I want the most direct route.  

I know learning new skills and gaining elevation in any area of life is going to require that I get uncomfortable and even struggle a bit, but if I can seek out mentors to help minimize the struggle… why wouldn’t I? 

I paid to work with a health coach for 2 years before I became a health coach 12 years ago. 

I have traveled across the globe (several times) to work with the best movement teachers I could find. 

I have a business coach because being a great coach & teacher does not translate to being a great business person. They are two entirely different skill sets. 

I am not rich. No one pays my bills for me.  

I don’t hire these coaches and teachers because I have money I don’t know what to do with.  

I invest in these people because I know who I am committed to becoming. 

I am deeply honest with myself about where I lack skill AND I am simultaneously deeply committed to doing what needs to be done to overcome that barrier to my success. 

So I ask for help… often and much. 

I hope you do the same in 2021. 

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Healthiest Year Yet Challenge!

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