Strategies That Will Help You Maintain Your Sanity the Next Time Your Life Starts to Resemble the Spartan Race

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Is this picture relatable, or what?

Life is rarely a straight, unobstructed line for long.

You anticipate the scenic leisurely ride.   Life delivers to you:


Just as you start finding a rhythm in your life and begin to admire the view:

  • You get a flat tire
  • The clouds roll in
  • A mammoth hill is placed in your path.
  • Your road steers you directly through a ring of fire.


With the recent news that my husband would have to have spinal surgery and be out of work for 1-3 months, I momentarily lost my breath, my balance, and my ability to refrain from dropping the f-bomb.

So many extreme notions raced through my mind:

  • How will we survive financially?
  • Will I have to take on another job or three?
  • How will I be able to handle the weight of all of our family responsibilities myself?
  • What if the surgery doesn’t work?

My fear is big and ravenous and if I am not mindful of it, it could easily swallow me whole.

I have NO idea how this will all turn out but I DO KNOW that I am a tough cookie (I literally train daily to be one) and this will NOT break me.

My mentor, Ido Portal, calls being prepared to the best of your ability to carry the weight of whatever life tosses your way, becoming “anti-fragile”.

I can’t control what life hurls at me, but I can certainly control how I respond to it and how well I am prepared for it, which is in large part why I am so dedicated to a daily practice that builds robust anti-fragility muscle.

I eat in a way that supports my mental and physical wellbeing because if I don’t my hormones will take me on an emotional rollercoaster ride, making me feel manic and helpless when I need nothing more than to feel sturdy and capable.

I challenge my body daily to build strength AND character.  The intensity of my physical practice demands that I am focused on growth, determined to get up and forge new paths where there appear to be none.

I have built a consistent daily practice in order to honor my love of movement, live at a higher elevation and stand at the ready for whatever comes my way. 

And it is my high hope that you do the same.

Too often I work with women who have completely derailed from their self-care when the water gets choppy.  They fall victim to their circumstance and surrender their power to rise above it.  Be it:

  • An injury.
  • An illness.
  • A move.
  • A job change.
  • A relationship shift.

Change is hard and disorienting, no doubt.  But does it warrant taking LESS care of yourself?

Hell no!

Crisis demands you take BETTER care of yourself so you can craft the BEST solutions and make the QUICKEST exit out of poor-me-ville.

If a friend of yours tripped and fell, would you rush over and push her down every time she tried to stand up?

Of course not!

And, yet, that is precisely what you are doing to yourself when you eat crappy food, stop moving and don’t take time out to stay connected to the bigger truths:





In the mean time, you practice managing it with all of the grace and grit you can muster.

If a behavior is truly a habit, you won’t STOP doing that thing when the road gets bumpy.

Which is why it is so important to be building healthy lifestyle practices when times are good!

Not sure where to start?

The following 3 daily practices are essential to building an anti-fragile mind, body and spirit:


You are 100% responsible for how you allow something to affect you.  If you believe that life is hard and will always be hard, that is precisely what you will create for yourself.

Your attitude can make you blind to solutions or help you uncover them.

“The growth mindset is filled with possibility. People with the growth mindset believe that through hard work they can get smarter, better, stronger. Often the effort is the reward for the growth minded. Failure is a sign of just needing to try again…only harder. Growth minded people do not give up very easily.”

-Larry Fliegelman


Yes, life is messy and hard.

It is also amazing, exhilarating and beautiful if….

You are willing to break a sweat, a few nails and maybe even a bone or two.

The storm always passes.  The bones heal.

And when they do…life goes on…with more meaning and depth than ever before.

EVEN IN THIS MOMENT, no matter how freaking hard it is, THERE IS STILL SO MUCH GOODNESS TO LIFE.

Marinate in that truth!

Everyday find a way to be grateful for everything and everyone that makes the world more beautiful.  It will give you the gumption to stand up IMMEDIATELY when life makes you stumble.


What you put into your life is what you will get out of it.

Garbage in.  Garbage out.

Yes, it is that simple.

You literally become what you eat.

Movement creates life and without it, you won’t have much of one.

Take time daily to:

  • Get your head clear on what you want, and what you are willing to do to get it.
  • Feed your body in a way that generates health and well-being.
  • Move your body out of respect for the fact that it is designed to do so…often and much!

Now, who do you know who has been derailed lately and could use a little help getting back on track with the life she loves? Share this with her.


P.S.  Read the book MINDSET, The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck to learn more about the growth mindset.  It is a fantastic read!  Or listen to the Grace & Grit Podcast Episode that was based on the premise of Dweck’s book by clicking here.


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