5 Simple Shifts to Help You Reach Your Health Goals

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I have coached hundreds of women over the years to become better movers in healthier bodies and based on my experience, there are some very common mindsets that PREVENT women from leading happier, healthier and more fit lives.

Below I have outlined 5 questions to ask yourself in regards to how you are approaching your own health and happiness.

I hope you will read through them, chew on them and rework the mindsets that aren’t serving you, so you can charge forth with more grace and grit than ever before.

1.  Are you more focused on the OUTCOME than the BEHAVIOURS necessary to make the outcome possible?

Our fast and furious culture seems to be more concerned about results, than it does the behavior necessary to create results.

Which is a problem because…

Consistent behavior change over a long period is the best way to ensure sustainable results.

Most people make too much change too quickly and have no PROCESS for how they plan to achieve their goal, when trying to improve their health.

Changing your diet radically for quick weight loss, repeating detox after detox, or throwing yourself into a 6-week boot camp class when you haven’t exercised in years is a lot like putting a fresh coat of paint on a house that is imploding.

What that imploding house really needs is a new foundation!

Yes, improving a foundation requires time, money and energy. But NOT making the investment to fix the REAL problem will cost a lot more in the form of dis-ease, dysfunction and unhappiness.

It doesn’t really matter what your health goals are right now. If you are only focused on the outcome of your goal, and not the consistent actions necessary to get you there…well…

Don’t be surprise if your house implodes.


2. Are you driven by FEAR or POSSIBILITY?

Often women hire me because they have had a medical scare, their jeans aren’t fitting, or they are struggling to keep up with a frantic pace of life.

They come to me because they FEAR the future that is awaiting them if they don’t change.

They fear the future of their health.

They fear the future of their relationships.

They fear how others perceive them.

They fear that they aren’t enough.

A woman taking action to change her life because she knows she is WORTH her own best effort is far more likely to make LASTING change than the woman attempting to change her life because she FEARS she isn’t enough.

A large part of the work I do with my clients is getting them to tap into how improved health will create more POSSILITY for them.

When a woman is passionate rather than fearful about her pursuit, she is able to move forward to her goal with unstoppable energy and grace.


3.  Are you operating under the delusion of perfection?

Perfection is downright debilitating, because it is impossible to achieve.

I see women every day being lured by the poison of perfection.   If they can’t do it perfectly, they feel that they have failed…so they quit.

You learn the MOST from your mistakes.  They are your greatest teachers.

Hear this:

You will never be perfect but you can be excellent.

Enough with the delusions of perfection!

Improving your health and movement capacity is a dirty business.  You will fail…often.  And from your failures, your success will be born.


4.  Are you making a HABIT out of compromise?

This is perhaps one of the greatest obstacles to reaching your goals. And I see women falling victim to it every day:

  • I will get up earlier to make some time for myself TOMORROW.
  • I can’t workout today because I just don’t have enough time.
  • I ate the cake because I didn’t want to seem rude.
  • I didn’t get enough sleep because….blah, blah, blah.

How many times do you compromise your self-care in a day?

Not sure?

Pay close attention today and see how many times you “negotiate” the things you really want to do for yourself for the things that other people want you to do for them.

If I had to guess, I bet the average woman compromises her intentions to take better care of herself 5-10 times a day. Be it with eating a food she knows doesn’t serve her, skipping a workout, saying yes when she really want to say no, or staying up an hour later than she’d like to.

If you are compromising your self-care 10 times a day, that is 70 times a week, 3670 times a year!

Um…that is a lot of compromise, sister.

Making a HABIT out of compromising the actions that will make you healthier will get you exactly – NO WHERE.


5.  Is improving your health a HAVE TO or a WANT TO?

  • “I HAVE to go workout today.”
  • “I CAN’T have that because I am on a diet.”
  • “Eating healthy is SOOOO expensive.”
  • “But I eat so much better than anyone I know.”

Sound familiar?

Getting healthy is a privilege and should be treated as such!

You don’t HAVE to workout; you GET to move your body daily, which it was beautifully designed to do.

As someone striving to get healthier you CHOOSE not to have sugar, because it is toxic garbage that doesn’t deserve room in your cells!

Sustainably farmed, organic food IS more expensive than conventionally grown foods, but FAR LESS expensive than the dis-eases that come from cheap, chemically laden, nutrient void, Franken-food (GMO).

You may eat better than everyone else, but is how YOU eat good enough for YOU to thrive? Your health is about what YOU do, not about how well you do in comparison to anyone else.

So, all together now:

“Improving my health is a privilege NOT a sacrifice.”

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