5 Strategies for Rocking Your Health THIS Year

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1. Aim to BE MORE not LESS

Women are being sent the wrong message when it comes to improving our health and fitness. We need to be moving from a place of wanting to be more in the world not constantly engaged with a struggle to be less. What if you took better care of yourself as a means to be MORE? How might that change your perspective and drive to do the things that need to be done to get you healthier?


CLARITY is the mother of DICIPLINE. When you are clear on why you are doing the work, and those reasons are super important to you, you are less likely to negotiate and compromise the work that needs to be done to reach your goals. List the three MOST important things in your life, and write down a few ways in which bettering your health will IMPROVE those areas. POST it where it can be seen.


Upgrading your health means changing behaviors that have been with you for years, decades…maybe even a lifetime. Old habits will not leave quietly. They will fight you, torment you, tease you and tempt you. And some days you will mess up and give them more power than they deserve. But do not lie down and admit defeat. You only fail when you QUIT THE GOOD FIGHT. Keep fighting to be MORE….you are bigger than your bad habits and you deserve so much more than they can grant you.


Everything you put in your mouth, every thought that goes through your head, everything you put on your schedule is a CHOICE that is affecting the outcome of your health. Pay attention!!! Reactivity and mindlessness are not your friends. Stay conscious of the choices you are making and own the consequences of them fully. This alone can radically change the trajectory of your health story.


If optimizing your health is truly important to you, please stop putting time frames on it! Your health deserves more than short term effort. Your health deserves your effort EVERY SINGLE DAY for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. And if you start today by just committing to doing better by 1% every day, or even every week, you will do better, you will feel better and the world will be a better place because you said YES to becoming MORE awesome.


Remember…with a little Grace & Grit anything is possible.

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