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Once upon a time there was a little girl whose heart and soul were consumed by the art of dance. She had talent. She had a strong work ethic. She had passion. She had all the ingredients to make her dreams come true…well…almost.

Teachers loved her because she was an eager student and had a fire that was hard to replicate. The dance world gave her a lot: great roles, great reviews, and even a scholarship to college.

Unfortunately, it also insisted upon giving her a hefty dose of self-doubt, insecurity and even shame about the design of her instrument, her body.

The harder she worked and the higher she climbed, the more self-conscious she became. She was a muscular thing. “Thick”, “stocky, “too big for partner work”…her teachers would say.

Little by little, day-by-day, the girl doubted herself more and more, until eventually she started to question the thing that gave her so much joy. Maybe she wasn’t built to dance after all?


I don’t regret moving out of the dance world and into the health/wellness space. I know wholeheartedly I took the path I was meant to take. However, my experience of being physically self-conscious as a dancer and allowing that insecurity to make me question something I loved so much is, in part, what fuels my fire today as an advocate for changing the conversation of what it means to be a healthy woman.

A healthy woman doesn’t let others dictate what she is and isn’t built for.
A healthy woman doesn’t make a habit out of questioning her worth.
A healthy woman most certainly does not tolerate anything that attempts to diminish her light.
A healthy woman never stops dancing unless, of course, her feet just hurt.

Self-respect breeds health, my friends.

SELF-RESPECT is the centerpiece of the conversation we SHOULD be having in regards to what it means to be a healthy woman.

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