Alignment: the process of YOU getting straight with YOU.

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Whatever has happened over the past 5 months in terms of your self-care…

Regardless of what you have eaten…

Regardless of how many workouts you have skipped…

Regardless of any weight gain…

You have not failed.

You are not broken.

You do not have to “start over”.

You could choose to tell yourself any one of these things, but I promise they will make your journey much harder than it needs to be.

Every single one of us has been disoriented by world events in some way, shape, or form this year. (…hello, pandemic)

In other words, if you have been rumbling with things like fear, uncertainty and disappointment over the past few months, you know what that means?




As you roll into a new week at the start of a new month, I hope will…

Be kind to yourself.

Be curious about yourself.

Be willing to lean into small measures that will help bring you back into alignment with yourself.


Alignment, by the way, isn’t a look. It is deep knowing that you are doing right by you.


The world needs more people doing THAT work:)

Are you up for it?

If so, we have a podcast specifically for this work to get you started. Check out Episode 209: Realignment: Part 1!

Alignment: the process of YOU getting straight with YOU.

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