Anti-aging is not a thing.


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Strength training… it does a midlife female body SO MUCH GOOD.

  • Better blood sugar regulation,
  • Improved hormonal health,
  • Stronger bones,
  • Less inflammation,
  • Better posture and balance,
  • A reduction in anxiety and depression,
  • Fewer menopausal symptoms,
  • More confidence,

… and so much more!

Yes, it helps to promote the amount and strength of muscle mass (which we are at risk of losing up to 8% per decade after the age of 30), but that is just the beginning of the perks!

Strength training helps to promote nervous system health, by helping to strengthen neural connections and even developing new pathways.

Which is rock fuel for our health because the nervous system influences every chemical, tissue, organ, and system in the human body.

The nervous system drives muscle contraction AND strong muscle contractions can help drive the health of the nervous system. It’s a win/win!

I covered this topic in a brand new masterclass inside my Rumble & Rise community this week.

If you are a midlife woman who is looking to start, return to, or fortify your strength training practice, you can get access to the masterclass and all of the support materials by joining the community.

Anti-aging is not a thing. Aging well is a thing.

you incredible human.

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