Appearing healthy vs BEING healthy


I work with women every single day who look healthy but who are struggling mentally, emotionally, and/or physically.

Appearing healthy and BEING healthy are not necessarily the same thing.

And a lot of what is being sold in the wellness space is encouraging you to chase the former with very little regard for the latter.

You can have 6 pack abs AND hate your life.

You can rock a swimsuit AND be paralyzed by self-doubt.

You can fit into your skinny jeans AND feel absolutely worthless.

Thinking you understand someone’s health story based on how they look is like assuming you understand their life story based on what they post on social media.

Do you manage your stress in ways that nurture your health or deplete it?

Is your sense of self-worth tied to what you do or how much you accomplish (or what you look like)?

Do you listen to what your body is asking of you or do you just dictate what you expect from it?

The answers to these types of questions matter to your health… a lot… and no one knows the truth about them but you:)

Appearing healthy vs BEING healthy

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