Are you really ready to do the work?

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Health coaches won’t make you healthy.
Doctors won’t heal you.
Physical Therapists won’t fix you.
Personal Trainers won’t make you fit.
Teachers won’t make you smart.
Gurus won’t make you calm.

Ultimately, YOU have to take responsibility for saving yourself.

I had a very wise mentor once tell me, “Courtney, the day you start working harder than a client on changing their life, is the day you should consider a different profession.”

Those were hard words for me to hear because at the time I was working way harder than some of my clients. It was also a turning point in my career.

Today I know I can’t change my clients. That is their work… quite literally.

Are you really ready to do the work?I can educate them, inspire them and help them navigate challenges, but I can’t do their work.

These days I joke with my clients that “I can lead a horse to water, and though I cannot make it drink, I CAN make it really damn thirsty.”

No one can change your life for you. You probably know that, but I think we could all use the reminder from time to time.

Teachers and mentors can be instrumental in helping you to travel a more direct route to where you want to go, but you have to do the walking.

No one can do your push-ups.
No one is going to control the fork going into your mouth.
No one is going to ensure you go to bed on time or get up when you need to.
No one can manage your mental or emotional landscape for you.

That’s your work.

You can ask for help, sure. Hire the trainers, coaches, and mentors, but only if you are ready to stand up and start walking.

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