Befriending Emotion


All week long I have been talking about the power of befriending emotions (yes, all of them) if you want to improve your health in sustainable ways.

You can lose weight by following a strict meal plan, but if the real reason you were overconsuming in the first place was to avoid feeling certain emotions… you will struggle to maintain any results that you achieve.

Following a list of rules and regulations to create an outcome is not the same as addressing the root of the real problem.

If befriending emotions like frustration and disappointment and sadness feels like a miserable use of your time, consider how much time, energy and integrity it is costing you to avoid or numb those emotions when they do show up. Because they will continue to show up throughout the rest of your life.

You can resist that truth or learn to rumble gracefully with that truth.

Befriending emotion really just means you start to get curious about how and why you experience it.

You can start this process with these simple steps:

1️⃣Name and Notice your emotions. How do they show up in your body? How do you tend to respond?

2️⃣Invite It In. So often we are tempted to immediately numb or suppress, but what if you did neither? What would happen if you just allowed it a seat at the table for a few minutes?

3️⃣Get Curious about why this particular emotion has shown up now. What is it trying to tell you?

4️⃣Decide – now that you know more about what you are feeling and why, what’s your next move?

There is so much power in learning how to respond rather than react to our emotional landscape and these steps can help you do just that!

Befriending Emotion

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