7 steps to approach behavior change with more ease and grace.

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A habit is a behavior that you have executed so many times, you can literally do it without having to think.

In other words, a habit is a REACTION.

And reacting is your brain’s way of conserving energy.

Which is awesome… unless it’s not.  

If your habits aren’t serving the life you said you wanted to live…well… those reactions are hurting you not helping you.

To adopt new behaviors you have to teach your brain how to respond NOT react.

And that is a LOT of work for your poor brain which is already making thousands of decisions for you every day.

7 steps to approach behavior change with more ease and grace.

Overwhelming your brain with a bunch of new skill sets at once is a great way to end up in a faceplant.

Here’s how to approach behavior change with more ease and grace (this is exactly what I teach my students inside of the Rumble & Rise community):

  1. Start small: commit to 1 behavior to change at a time. (not 5 or 50… just ONE.)
  2. Keep it simple and specific: “I will eat better” is not specific. I will eat a cup of veggies at every meal is:)
  3. Predict obstacles & strategies for solving them: once you make your commitment, ask yourself “why might I not follow through with this?” Then brainstorm ways of overcoming each of those obstacles when they show up (because they will!).
  4. Observe all the ways you try to negotiate, rationalize, and compromise your way out of your commitment.
  5. Use those observations to practice managing your thoughts and emotions and rework your strategy if necessary.
  6. Celebrate every damn win.
  7. After you have been consistent with your commitment for a few weeks and it feels easier for your brain to perform, go back to step 1 and add then, and only then, consider adding in a new commitment.

What is your one thing you want to commit to? Drop it in the comments below.

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