The benefits of strength training regularly are many.


Strength training for aesthetic or weight loss reasons is great, if that works for you. If those reasons don’t resonate for you… there is SO MUCH MORE that strength training affords you.

Strength train because your body lets you do life and it is the only one you get.

Strength train to feel strong, capable, and confident.

Strength train so you can participate fully and vibrantly in life for as long as possible.

Strength train because it has the capacity to show how far you’ve come AND how far you can still go.

Strength train because, on the hardest of days, it will remind you that you have more fight than you knew you had.

Strength train so you can show up to do the work you were put here to cause/contribute/inspire FULL OUT.

Strength train because it just might bring out your happy, especially on the days you are having a really hard time finding your happy.

benefits of strength training

Here are 7 tips if you want to introduce (or reintroduce) a strength training practice into your life.

1. Expect Discomfort

Strength training is quite literally a practice of leaning into discomfort on purpose, which is why it can be such a powerful gateway to personal development:)

2. Spend Time On Your Foundation

A mentor of mine used to tell her students: “you have no business throwing around weights unless you can haul your own ass across the floor in good form” – she had a point…lol

3. Mind the Dose

One of the quickest paths to injury & inconsistency is doing too much too fast.

Don’t do that.

4. Keep It Simple

An overwhelmed brain says “hell no” NOT “hell yes!”

Simplicity repels resistance.

5. Watch Your Language

If you talk about strength training like you hate it… you will.

6. Stay Awake

Strength training can expand your world in ways you never imagined. Stay awake to the benefits it gifts you.

7. Use Fertilizer

Community, good tunes, a safe environment, consistent self-care, etc. can all play a role in your enjoyment of your strength training practice.

The benefits of strength training regularly are many.

And there are a LOT of reasons why you may have never built a practice of it or simply strayed from a practice you once had.

In this episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, I remind you of why strength training is so valuable to the human body and how to establish (or reestablish) a practice of it so you can start reaping all the benefits.

you incredible human.

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