3 reasons you keep breaking the promises you make to yourself.


You’ve been there. (We ALL have been.)

You make a promise to up-level your self-care in some way,

And when the time comes to make good on that promise, to execute…

You rationalize, negotiate and compromise your way out of the actual work.

You recommit (typically on a Monday) and on and on this cycle goes for weeks, years, and for some… a lifetime.


Well here are a few possible reasons:

#1 You aren’t willing to get uncomfortable.

Doing things you don’t normally do is uncomfortable, even if they aren’t hard.

This is why I always ask my students when they make a commitment if they are willing to feel discomfort ON PURPOSE in dedication to that.

The answer to that question will tell you everything you need to know about your capacity to follow through.

#2 You are arguing for all the reasons you can’t, rather than for all the reasons why you can and why you MUST.

Your self-talk becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Which means…

Whatever you are arguing for, you are going find evidence for. #choosewisely

#3 You are making the commitment overly complicated.

Guess what an overwhelmed brain inspires you to do? NOTHING.

If you aren’t following through, ask yourself…

How can I break this commitment down into a smaller bite?

How can I make it stupid simple?

How can I make it easily winnable?

Committing to less doesn’t mean you can’t do great things, it means you are serious about succeeding with great things:)

What else would YOU add? Share with me here on Instagram.

3 reasons you keep breaking the promises you make to yourself.

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