Let’s start celebrating THIS more than weight loss, please.

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If you are anything like the women I talk to everyday, you likely have intentions to take better care of yourself this week.

If that’s true, I hope that you will measure the success of that intention by something OTHER than how much weight you lose by the end of the week.

Our culture LOVES to glorify weight loss as a measure of health, which is nuts because weight loss tells us nothing about the measures someone took to create that result.

There are plenty of unhealthy ways you could shed a few pounds this week:

Don’t eat.
Don’t drink water.
Take a diet pill.
Smoke to suppress your appetite.
Catch the flu.
Hell…cut off a limb.

Ok, maybe I am being a bit dramatic with those last few points, but you get my drift…

Weight loss is NOT synonymous with health.

Weight loss is NOT synonymous with health. Click To Tweet Even if you lose weight in a healthy way, and many people do, I still don’t think we should be celebrating the weight loss but the ACTIONS that that lead to the weight loss.

Think about it for a second, to lose weight healthfully, you will likely have to:

Listen to your body.
Learn about nutrition.
Move your body often and much.
Get enough sleep.
Learn how to manage stressors.
Practice patience.
Lean into discomfort.
Show-up for yourself daily.
Make some sacrifices.
Do some things you’d rather not do.
Release perfectionism.
Make yourself a priority.
Change your beliefs around what’s possible.

And the truth of the matter is… you could do all of the above and not lose the kind of weight you think you should lose.

Does that mean you shouldn’t celebrate your good work?  That you aren’t improving  your health?

Of course not!

You would be doing women everywhere a favor if you started to celebrate the actions you were taking around your self-care a bit more and your weight loss a bit less because we aren’t all supposed to live in the same size body. Really.

Incidentally, I saw this post on Instagram the other day by Meghan Kacmarcik that illustrates this point beautifully

You Can't Defy Science

Rather than measuring your success by the scale this week when it comes to taking better care of yourself, I hope you will measure what you actually DID to take better care of yourself.

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