Celebrate your wins.


Want to show up for yourself more often this week?

Celebrate your wins.

No matter how small.

No matter how seemingly insignificant.

No matter how awkward it feels…

Celebrate your wins.

Winning makes you feel good and you are likely to do more of what makes you feel good.

If you park at the far end of the grocery parking lot so you have to walk a bit further… celebrate that decision.

If you make a meal that nourishes you when you don’t feel like it… celebrate that.

If you treat yourself with compassion in a moment where it would be so easy to be a jerk to yourself… please, acknowledge that win.

Meaningful change is rarely the result of doing big things once in a great while.

No, it is the result of a series of tiny decisions stacked up over the course of a week, a month, a year.

Celebrating your decisions will inspire you to make more “celebration-worthy” decisions. Really.

Stop waiting to celebrate your achievements until you have arrived.

You will have so much more fun and it is WAY easier to sustain things we have fun doing.

What will you celebrate today? Come share in the comments, here on Instagram.

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