What is one thing you are celebrating from this past year?


This year was my best year in business and I am celebrating that fact. Not because of the outcome, but because of all the 💩 I had to wade through to be able to say that.

I am nowhere near where I thought I’d be AND I am perfectly ok with that (which is not something I would have said just a few years ago).

So why am I celebrating if I didn’t reach the intended outcome?

I made more mistakes and had more failed attempts over the past 20 years of being self-employed than I can count AND I am still standing!

I reached out for help in just about every facet of my business because there was so much I was struggling to understand AND I stopped making asking for help mean that I was flawed as a human in some way.

And through it all, self-doubt has been an absurdly loyal traveling companion AND I decided HARD to stop letting her drive – she has proven time and time again to be a horrible driver, always taking us wildly off course or landing us in a ditch somewhere.

I don’t know what’s tugging at your heartstrings these days to create for your life, but I can tell you this…

The adventure is so much more rewarding when you focus less on the destination and more on becoming the type of person who decides to have her own back and go after the things on her heart… no matter what.

Those last three words are everything.

THIS is the work we are focusing on inside the Rumble & Rise community this month because when you show up authentically and fully expressed in your life, your mental, emotional and physical health will benefit!

Celebrating wins can be an awkward practice for a lot of people, simply because they have been practicing the opposite for so many years (they focus on where they have failed vs looking for all the ways they have won).

So let’s practice.

Looking back, what is one thing you are celebrating from this past year? Come share with me, here on Instagram.

What is one thing you are celebrating from this past year?

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