Build a practice of celebrating your wins

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When I launched the Grace & Grit Podcast over 4 years ago, I had 5 downloads the first day and I am pretty sure that one of those downloads was mine and the other 4 were my mother. (God bless the mothers.)

This past Saturday we had nearly 1500 downloads in a single day.

Did I know a damn thing about podcasting when I started? Nope. 

Have I made a ton of mistakes along the way? Every damn day. 

Do we have a lot of room to improve? Abso-freaking-lutely. 

Are there podcasts that pull these kinds of numbers in the first few days of launching? Yes, but this is my story, not theirs.

My point in telling you this? 

  • Whatever is on your heart… just start already. It will never be the “right time” and most of your learning will take place along the way.  
  • Comparison is a piss poor motivator. Don’t do it. If I compared myself to other podcasts out there, you can bet your bottom dollar we would not have 210 episodes in the bank.  
  • Keep going, especially on the days you want to quit (because there will be those days…maybe lots of them). I have wanted to quit podcasting more than once because it’s work to be consistent with something. Yet, consistency will pay you back in ways you never could imagine (like boosting your self-confidence & self-respect).
  • Build a practice of celebrating your wins – the big and the small. It makes those hard days so much easier to endure when you do. 

If you haven’t already, check out the Grace & Grit Podcast (thousands of women have benefited… maybe you will too). 

Tell me 1 thing you have been consistent with that you are proud of in the comments below.

Build a practice of celebrating your wins

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