Commitments can start to feel oh-so-hard.


Making a commitment to show up for yourself in a new way can feel exciting initially, but as the weeks pass by and novelty starts to fade, staying faithful to your commitment can start to feel oh-so-hard.


A lot of that hardness is self-induced.

We hide behind phrases like, “I don’t know” and “I am confused”. These types of statements do not inspire action. In fact, they give us permission to NOT act.

Something I have long done with my clients to help with this is…

I encourage them to turn disempowering statements into powerful questions. Of course, I also encourage them to ANSWER those questions:)

Here’s a quick and simple exercise to take back your power.

Instead of saying… “I don’t know what do to.”
Ask yourself: What would I tell someone who had the same problem?

Instead of saying… “I am confused.”
Ask yourself: What exactly am I not understanding? What support might I need?

Instead of saying… “I am overwhelmed.”
Ask yourself: What might I need to say no to or delegate to someone else, so I feel less overwhelmed?

Instead of saying… “I am too busy.” “I don’t have time.”
Ask yourself: What am I currently doing that is taking up precious time but that is NOT in line with my priorities?

Instead of arguing for why you can’t, encourage yourself to find ways YOU CAN.

Give it a try today when you find yourself using a statement that robs you of your power (you might be surprised how often this happens).

And if you need more help… check out episode 291 of the Grace & Grit podcast: Commitments to Support Your Commitments.

Staying faithful to your commitments can start to feel oh-so-hard.

you incredible human.

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