Community is essential.


I talked about this book in episode 231 of the podcast to stress the impact that community and connection have on our physical and mental health. (I randomly picked up this book in a Seattle bookstore 5 years ago and it blew my mind.)

Though I am a HUGE advocate of self-leadership in the health arena and beyond, self-leadership does not mean “going it alone”.

To be our healthiest and most robust selves… community is essential.

And, The Hidden Life of Trees, so beautifully illustrates this.

Trees stand independently from one another but their strength comes from the connection they share with the other trees around them.

“The most astonishing thing about trees is how social they are. The trees in a forest care for each other, sometimes even going so far as to nourish the stump of a felled tree for centuries after it was cut down by feeding it sugars and other nutrients, and so keeping it alive.

A tree’s most important means of staying connected to other trees is a “wood wide web” of soil fungi that connects vegetation in an intimate network that allows the sharing of an enormous amount of information and goods.” —Peter Wohllenben

We are living at a time where it is all too easy to disconnect from each other, isolate, and attempt to make life a solo mission but that comes at a steep price to our health.

There are nutrients you need that only community and connection can provide.

Check out Community Matters, Episode 231, here.

community is essential

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