Decision fatigue is a very real thing!

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Decision fatigue is a very real thing!

And if you deny it’s existence, I bet you are going to struggle to get traction with the things you really want to change about your life.

You may not like this truth but your brain does have a limited capacity to make decisions on any given day.

This is why so many powerful leaders and visionaries wear the same darn thing every day… it is one less decision they have to make, which frees up their brain to make the more important decisions.

When your brain is fatigued… it tries to conserve energy by choosing the path of least resistance.

It wants to take the EASIEST route.

This means, despite your good “intentions” to make better choices, your brain is going to make choices that are least “effort-full”.

Which is a big reason why it is so easy to start the day on track and then feel like you give into old habits you are trying to break later in the day.

Habits are literally your brain’s way of conserving energy!

If you are serious about showing up for yourself in powerful ways, you have GOT to make it easy for your brain to make decisions that are inline with what you want.

What can you do TODAY to make showing up for yourself this week, the way you want to, easier on your brain? Share in the comments below.

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Decision fatigue is a very real thing

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