Decision Free Living and Why You Should Master It

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Last summer I had the amazing priviledge of  traveling to Singapore for a 7-day Movement Camp with Ido Portal and his team (you can read about the trip here).

As you can imagine, there were A LOT of details to work out in order for that trip to take place.
  • I had to apply and be accepted to the training
  • I had to notify clients and reschedule my workload
  • I had to produce the funds to get me there
  • I had to organize my son’s care while I was gone for 2 weeks
  • I had to book tickets and reserve hotel rooms
  • I had to get myself in the best shape I could so I wouldn’t be slaughtered in the training.

You get the point.

Decisions had to be made BEFORE the trip.  And once they were, all I had to do was SHOW-UP!

For 2 glorious weeks the bulk of my time was spent in the heavenly realm of DECISION FREE LIVING. I was able to be fully present with my training because I had already made decisions about the logistics of my trip.

And this, my friend, is one of the most valuable tools I could provide you with on your journey to bettering your health.

Health goals are achieved by applying better lifestyle habits to your day consistently.  I know you get that.

But here’s the thing…

You are an insanely busy woman.

You, and nearly every other human being on the planet, are on decision overload.

No kidding…you are making around 35,000 decisions daily which means by lunch time you are probably already in a state of decision fatigue!

You need to be sure you are making the best decisions for your health at a time when you are thinking clearly and have your VALUES governing your decisions NOT hunger, fatigue or someone else’s crisis.

Improving your health should be based on a process and an effective process is NOT a spur of the moment decision, or something that is slapped together at 11pm the night before.  It is something you PLAN for in advance when your head is clear and your vision is strong.

Below are three tips that can help you plan today, so you can show up tomorrow for the things that matter most to you.


If I had just showed up at the airport with my bags packed, but not idea where I was going, I would be going exactly nowhere.

And that sucks!

You too will travel nowhere if you don’t decide specifically where you are heading with your health goals and have a process to take you there.

And please o please, do not base you goal on a number on the scale.  That is just your relationship to gravity, sister.  You can dream bigger than that!

Come on, think!  How will you know you have arrived at the place you say you want to go?

  • What does your destination look like?
  • Feel like?
  • What are the things you can do at your destination that you can’t do where you are right now?

You know the essentials of improving your health:

  • Move more
  • Eat better
  • Drink Water
  • Manage Stress
  • Find Your Happy

If you aren’t sure how to package the details of those steps in a way that actually gets you the response you are looking for, you many want to consider hiring someone to help you outline a PROCESS to get you there.

I had a LONG list of all that I needed to do to make Singapore a reality, but if I had tried to do it all myself OR had the expectation that I could get it all accomplished immediately without any organization, I would have been setting myself up for serious disappointment.

Planning the trip of a lifetime, which optimizing your health certainly is, will take organization in the form of a process and time.

Once you decided on what needs to be done, schedule how you will do it?

For example:

How will you eat tomorrow in a way that supports your goals?
  • What will you eat, specifically?
  • When will you prepare it?
  • When will you eat it?
  • Where will you eat it?
  • Will you have to take food with you?  If so, work out the details of what that looks like.

Decide TODAY, so you can be decision free (at least with your health decisions) tomorrow.

How incredibly empowering it is to live in a space where a plan has been mapped out ahead of time and all you have to do is show-up and follow your well-thought-out instructions.

SHOW-UP, sweet woman.  It is YOUR party and you don’t want to miss it! You don’t want your friends to miss it either.  So share this article with the women you love. Everyone could use a dash of Grace & Grit in their lives!

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