Developing a strong practice of follow-through


I know lots of women who buy the fancy planners, color-coded markers, and sticky notes, and spend GOBS of time “making a plan” for how they will show up for themselves tomorrow, but when it comes to the execution of that plan… #faceplant

I get it. I’ve been there. I still go back for visits. 🤣

Do any of these reasons resonate with you?

Your Chemistry Might Need A Little TLC

Follow-through requires resources like energy and mental bandwidth AND these resources may not be available if you are short on sleep, eating foods that deplete you, dehydrated, or depriving your body of the movement it so desperately needs.

Your Strategy Could Be Overwhelming Your Brain

You are a smart and capable cookie, no doubt, but your brain has a tremendous amount of decisions to make each day, so if you make your commitments too big…well… it freaks your brain. And a freaked out brain looks for ways to escape not follow-through.

You Might Be Focused On All the Reasons You Won’t Succeed

If you look for that evidence, you will surely find it. The awesome thing, however, is that if you look for reasons you want to, reasons why you can, and reasons why you must… you’ll find that evidence too.

You May Be Avoiding Discomfort

If you are making promises to yourself that you aren’t keeping, you are already uncomfortable. Why not get uncomfortable keeping those promises? At least there are benefits on the other side of that discomfort!

Developing a strong practice of follow-through is a HUGE part of the work that I do with my clients AND my Rumble & Rise members. You can join us here.

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