The rumble is the cost of the rise.


Of course, the will be discomfort along the path to change.

So, how do you rumble well with something like discomfort?

Remind yourself of all the benefits you have reaped on the other side of leaning into discomfort in the past. Look for evidence from your past about all the ways in which discomfort allowed you to grow, evolve and expand as a human.

Extend your nervous system the courtesy of leaning into small discomforts before larger ones. Start practicing leaning into “small” discomforts. Allowing an urge here, following through on a promise there. As the small discomforts get easier, then and only then, make the challenges slightly bigger.

Reframe the discomfort of change into something that inspires you to dig in rather than opt-out. YOU are a meaning-making machine. You can make discomfort mean that something terrible is happening (I am failing) or that something wonderful is happening (something new is about to be born).

Take responsibility for the ways in which you are turning discomfort into suffering. Yes, there will be discomfort, but suffering? That part is optional. Consider how you might be contributing to your own suffering via your beliefs and your behaviors.

Allow other people to rumble with their own discomfort in regard to the decisions you make to uplevel your health and well-being. To change you will have to do things differently than you have done in the past. There will be people who don’t want you to change. Making people comfortable with decisions that are healthier for you, is not your work. It’s theirs.

Rumbling right alongside you.

Want more on making peace with discomfort? Check out episode 286 of the Grace & Grit Podcast.

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