When Eating the Cake or Skipping the Gym Can Actually Be a Healthy Choice

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Whatever you are planning to do this week to take better care of yourself, I am curious WHY you are intent on doing those things?⁣

This is why I ask…⁣

Women have been conditioned (largely by the diet culture) to focus on WHAT they should be doing along their health journey (what to eat, what exercises to do, what supplements they should take etc), regardless of their reasons for doing those things. ⁣⁣

What if the roots of deep health are nourished by the intention behind the behavior as much as the behavior itself?⁣

Personally, I believe they are.⁣

Here is what I mean:⁣

Diet culture says eating chocolate cake is bad or unhealthy regardless of why you are doing it.⁣

Now, if you are eating chocolate cake because you had a bad day at work and you are eating chocolate cake to avoid feeling your emotions, eating the chocolate cake is not going to improve your health on any level. ⁣


If you are eating a piece of chocolate cake at your best friend’s wedding, while staying fully present with it and enjoy the heck out of every single bite, I would argue that could be a healthy choice.⁣


True health is the result of nourishing physical and psychological health, SIMULTANEOUSLY.⁣Skipping the gym is not always a bad decision. If you only slept 3 hours last night or you feel a cold coming on, skipping the gym could be a very wise and healthy decision.⁣

Eating salad for lunch is not always entirely a healthy decision. If you are eating a salad solely because hate your body and believe that if you just lose X number of pounds you will be more lovable, I would argue that your reasons for eating that salad are not ones that promote true health.⁣

True health is the result of nourishing physical and psychological health, SIMULTANEOUSLY.⁣

You and only you know WHY you do what you do. ⁣

WHY are you drinking the glass of wine?⁣

WHY are you restricting calories?⁣

WHY are you going to the gym for the 7th time this week?⁣⁣

WHY are you choosing the salad or the chocolate cake?⁣⁣

You can delude yourself into thinking that particular behaviors are ALWAYS good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, but that thinking will never create a state of deep health. ⁣

Why are you doing the thing? And are you at peace with your answers?

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