How to Sensibly Crush Your Health Goals

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As a person who works intimately with people’s health, one of the biggest misconceptions I see people face is their expectation of the amount of time healing, health, and vitality takes to achieve. We live in a society of wanting everything to happen, yesterday. It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole online that touts unrealistic results. For example, I just googled flat abs and the first three results were “10 Flat Belly Tricks”, “Get a Flat Belly in 4 Weeks”, and “Get a Flat Belly in 10 minutes”.

Externally, we are being told that it’s easy and fast to get the body and health that we desire; but if that was the case, don’t you think that everyone would be healthy, vital and thriving?


Establishing Realistic Expectations to Crush Your Health Goals with Liz WalkerAs a Chiropractor, I work within the realm of the 33 Principles of Chiropractic. Principle number 6 ties into the ‘Have It All Now syndrome’ that many of us are facing. It states there is no process that does NOT require time. This means that there are no tricks when it comes to your health. There are no quick fixes. And there are definitely no short cuts. This is true for Every. Single. Body. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out on a new health quest, or you are someone who has diligently looked after your health but have realized that there is even more you want to attain. Time is and will always be the one constant on your journey.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. It’s much easier to write about the 5 things you can do to be a healthier you. These blogs definitely have great content, but without checking your expectations at the door, and realizing that it will take time and consistency to do the work, you will continue to jump sporadically to the next headline that grabs your attention.

So, how can you actually make progress in your health?


Take a look at where you are currently at.

Be brutally honest with yourself. It should be uncomfortable, you might cry or it might make you so mad that you need to vent in some way. Give yourself the room to feel and do whatever you need to do. The more honest you are, the better off you will be in the long run. Inventory how long it took you to get to this point. For example, that extra 50 pounds you’re carrying around didn’t happen in one month, it was slowly added over years (yup that’s right, years).


Figure out what you want.

Like I said earlier we want everything, yesterday. But change is hard, so start with something that you really want. Too much too soon is a recipe for overwhelm. By prioritizing what is most important, you can start achieving and create what I like to call a health snowball. A snowball continues to get bigger and bigger as it rolls down the hill using momentum. As we start to achieve and actually make change, this leads to bigger changes and greater health outcomes, but it’s hard to get a huge snowball moving.


Track your starting point.

Take photos, journal, write a poem, whatever you need to do to give yourself a baseline, do it. It’s really hard to know how much you’ve achieved if you have no idea where you started.


Enlist help in many forms.

Have a health buddy so you can hold each other accountable, pay for help, read blogs from people you trust, ask questions from people who are ahead of you, and teach what you’re learning to someone else so you can own the change that is happening within yourself.


Establishing Realistic Expectations to Crush Your Health Goals with Liz Walker

Create large goals for yourself and then break them down into smaller achievable steps.



So many times we talk about what we want to do or what we are going to do, but never actually do anything. So get going, sister!


Consistently do the work.

Track your progress and course correct when you need to. You WILL have days that just suck. Days when you don’t feel like it, or shit hits the fan and it seems much better for your soul to eat ice cream and watch Netflix. These are the days that you have to dig deep and do the work anyway.

Motivation is fickle and you can’t rely on it to actually achieve anything. Your targets need to be non-negotiable. Greater health requires GRIT, it requires you to do the work every single day, because if you aren’t moving towards health, you are moving away from it.


Nobody can avoid principle #6 – there is no process that does not require time. Give yourself the time to achieve what you set out to, and know that you are worth all the time that you pour into yourself. Your health is your greatest asset, take care of it daily, and little by little you will be rewarded!


Now it is your turn!   Tell us about something that has helped you make progress in your own health journey in the comments below.

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Liz Walker

Liz Walker

Guest Author

I am Dr. Liz Walker.
I have two places I call home, the first is Australia and the second, where I live, is Missoula, MT.
I am a Chiropractor and owner of Primal Practice Chiropractic. I work with the power inside you that animates the universe.
I am a coach and owner of 5 Valleys CrossFit. I believe that we are all powerful beyond measure.
I was a collegiate tennis player and am on an ongoing athletic journey. I believe everyone is an athlete.
I believe that everyone should build a team that will have their back whenever they need it.
I believe that everyone has the right to seek their truth.
I want to educate people in the healing potential of their bodies and see how it can change their family and their community.
I want to leave a legacy of strong, empowered and enlightened families.

To connect with Liz visit Primal Practice Chiropractic or find her on Instagram @primal_chiro.

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