Fairy lights and energy requirements.


A few weeks ago I purchased mason jars that have solar panels on the lids and tiny fairy lights on the inside to add a little extra twinkle to our yard on summer nights.

I took them out of their packaging hung them up around the yard and then waited with eager anticipation for them to light up once the sun went down.

Down the sun went and then…

Nothing. Gah!

I turned to my husband who seems to always know the answers to such matters and his response was, “Babe, you didn’t really give them a chance to charge. They just need a bit more time.”

Of course, he was right.

The next evening they lit up beautifully. They just needed a little time to absorb energy so they could work their magic.

The same goes for you.

What makes your magic “work” is energy dependant too.

Like my solar lights, maybe you need a little marinating in the sun? Or something else entirely?

Maybe restoring your energy looks like…

Putting yourself to bed a little earlier tonight?

Making time to have lunch rather than working through it…yet again?

Taking that class you’ve been wanting to take for ages?

Disconnecting from the internet for a few hours (or even a few days)?

Spend a weekend alone somewhere or spending it outdoors with your favorite people?

Finally saying YES to that thing that keeps pulling at your heart strings?

Finally letting go of something that was never yours to carry?

While I don’t know exactly what will restore your energy, I do know that energy is a limited resource and an awful lot of the women I work with have a tendency to expect to have a lot of it without doing their part to generate, restore, and/or protect it.

If your light isn’t shining very brightly right now, I hope you will extend yourself the grace of making decisions that will help restore its brilliance.

My yard didn’t necessarily need the fancy little fairy lights, but the world most certainly needs your light.

If you could use a bit more help with generating, restoring and protecting your energy, check out this week’s episode of the Grace & Grit podcast: Stepping Into Your Power Years. You can listen right here.

Fairy lights and energy requirements.

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