Welcome to the fat loss triad.


Welcome to the fat loss triad.

1. Mental Health
2. Hormonal Health
3. Energy In/Energy Out

Yes, in that order.

If you listened to episode 219 of the Grace & Grit Podcast you’ve heard me speak to this.

We are sold on the notion that fat loss is a simple math equation. Consume less than you utilize.

Problem is… you are not a robot who can forever be altered by a simple math equation.

You are a multidimensional, ever-changing human with a unique life experience and genetic blueprint.

And for this reason, promoting the physiological process of fat loss while preserving mental health is something far more complex and nuanced than following a simple energy in/energy out equation.

If you achieve a fat loss result at the expense of your mental and/or hormonal health, does that make you healthier?

I would argue a firm NO.

For more on this, check out episode 219 of the Grace & Grit Podcast: Fat Loss Basics, Part 1: Clearing Up a Few Misunderstandings.

Welcome to the fat loss triad.

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