If life is feeling a little flat & void of color lately…


If life is feeling a little flat & void of color lately…

The answer probably isn’t as complex as a new diet or a new exercise program.

It could be as simple as telling yourself the truth about what has been draining the color from your life.

Is it your jam-packed schedule?

Is it the job you’ve dreading going to for the past several years?

Is it the “mean girl” commentary you’ve been playing in repeat in your head?

Is it that you haven’t been making time to connect with other humans?

Find the color vampires and make a list of small things you can do to make them “suck less”.

Can you remove one thing from your list of to do’s?

Can you initiate the hunt for another job?

Can you silence the mean girl just once today?

Can you carve out a few minutes to connect with someone?

Doing just a little better makes you feel just a little.

And that is how we add the color back in…

Drip by drip
Rep by rep
One small action by one small action

If you need a little support, I know of this awesome little podcast called Grace & Grit that has over 270 free episodes.

Grace & Grit Podcast

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