Find Your People

By November 18, 2016blog




We have all heard the saying, “ it takes a village to raise a child.” Well…I am a pretty firm believer that it also takes a village to keep an adult from reverting back to being a child. It takes a village to actualize the full potential of every man and every woman.

If you want something greater for your life than what you currently have, you will be doing yourself a huge favor by connecting with people who either already have or are seeking the same things you are. Yep…I am talking about COMMUNITY.

For years I thought I could go it alone (and man did I give “going solo” a valiant effort). But… eventually I realized I was going absolutely nowhere with my heavy pack of stubbornness and dogma weighing me down.

If you want something more for your life than what you currently have, find your people. And I am sorry to say…”your people” may not be the ones you have been hanging out with for the past few decades. In fact, they probably aren’t. You might need new people in your life, you just might need to make some new friends (that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to ditch the old ones).

Find the people who understand the desire you have for change, who can help make that change possible, hold your feet to the fire to do the work, and give you a hand when you trip over your own two feet (which, if you are with the right people, will happen often and much).

Find people who understand your thirst, see your possibility and have traveled a few miles further down the path than you have. Be willing to be the least educated and most unskilled person in the room.

Or don’t and I am pretty sure I’ll know exactly where to find you a year from now.

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