“Fit” and “healthy” are not the same thing.


“Fit” and “healthy” are not the same thing.

Rocking 6 pack abs while you slave away at a job you hate is not health.

Exercising aggressively every day because you associate worthiness with how you look or perform is not health.

I have worked with countless women over the years who were fit AND miserable, because either their reasons for pursuing fitness were not coming from a mentally healthy place and/or their life outside of fitness was an absolute trainwreck.

Health is so much bigger than fitness and I am saying that as someone who spent years helping people to up-level their fitness.😉

Tell me, over here on Instagram, one thing that has made you a healthier human that had NOTHING to do with improving your “fitness” levels.

“Fit” and “healthy” are not the same thing.

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