Fitness and Health Are NOT the Same Thing

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Just because someone has 6-packs abs…

Just because someone can do incredible things with their body…

Just because someone has accumulated trophies and recognition…


Fitness and health are NOT synonymous…not by a long shot.

Some of the most unhealthy people I have ever worked with have also (sadly) been some of the fittest.

Only you know why you are pursuing something.

Only you know what it is truly costing you to achieve an aesthetic, a skill or acquire accolades.

All of those things come at a cost and for many that cost is health (mental and/or physical).

Our culture sells “fitness” like it is the holy grail of health and that marketing is deluding a lot of people into believing that if they too achieve a certain level of leanness, acquire certain skills or recognition, they will be healthy.

But health is a much bigger equation than that.

Move your body, often and much, of course!

Develop new skills, absolutely.

Challenge yourself in new ways, always.

Even pursue great physical feats, if it is on your heart to do so, but do not kid yourself that health is an automatic byproduct of that pursuit.

What thoughts do you have about this?

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