A few of the principles that guide my work.


Hello, my friends!

If you are new here… welcome! If you have been here for a while, thanks for sticking around:)

It has been a hot minute since I have done a formal introduction, so here we go…

I live in the great state of Montana with my incredible husband of nearly 20 years, my 11-year-old son and our blind 200# Great Dane.

Travel, Latin dance-off, and sitting around a campfire with my peeps… are a few of my favorite things.

I worked exclusively as a personal trainer and nutrition coach for well over a decade of my career focusing exclusively on fat loss.

But the longer I worked with fat loss, the more I realized that fat loss alone does not create a healthy human (not by a long shot).


I got wildly curious about what health really is and what it really takes to build and protect it.

Here are a few of principles that guide my work today:

👉 How you think about yourself, your life and about what happens in your life will impact your chemistry and your behavior in powerful ways.

👉 Learning to trust yourself to follow through on the promises you make to yourself is a form of nutrition that trumps any “superfood” being sold to you.
I know a lot of people wish this weren’t true but…

👉 Consistency really is the secret sauce.

Embarrassingly, I used to teach women to chase once-in-a-lifetime transformations but then I got a lot smarter…

And now I teach them self-leadership skills to set them up for a life of transformation because…well… life IS transformation.

Regardless of your age, I really do believe that with buckets of grace and a hefty dose of grit your healthiest years really can be ahead of you. My clients prove this to me every single day:)

If you are a woman who is tired of the “just-focus-on-weight-loss to improve your health” sales pitch… check out the Grace & Grit podcast (250+ episodes strong), right here.

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