Are you using your goals to prove your worth?


Your worth is baked into your humanity.

I am constantly reminding my clients of this truth because modern-day culture loves pressing upon us the lie that our worth is earned. 🤦‍♀️

It is a VERY different exercise to use goal-setting to “prove your worth” vs using goal-setting in devotion to your worth.

Using goals to prove your worth looks like:

❌Choosing goals based on the standards other people have for your life.

❌Trying to make other people comfortable and happy with your choices.

❌Hustling to make other people happy by neglecting or rejecting your truth.

Using goals in dedication to your worth looks like:

✅Knowing the values & standards YOU have for your life.

✅ Making commitments (setting goals) that help you maintain integrity yourself.

✅ Ensuring you approve of your own decisions so you stop looking to others to give you their approval.

Goal Setting Reimagined is the topic of podcast episode 294. If you are someone who is struggling with keeping the promises you are making to yourself and/or exhausted by your approach… give it a listen.

Your nervous system is the currency of your health.

you incredible human.

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