Greatness Isn’t Born On Mondays

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Weekends can be a really tough time to maintain the standards you have set for yourself around self-care  Dinner parties, travel and unexpected events all have the power to derail our best of intentions to improve our health.

I get it.

Not all that long ago, I too was in a space where I would start negotiating my healthy habits around mid-week, because I was tired, stressed and had lost my Monday morning enthusiasm somewhere around Monday afternoon.

Here’s the thing…

Your greatness will not be born on Monday morning, or on New Year’s Day or when the kids finally go back to school. Greatness is found in the trenches at the end of the week and in the muck and mire of weekends, holidays and unpredictable schedules!


Doing the work on the hardest days, is the work that really matters MOST.

Life will always come at you in greater force the second you commit to doing better. It is almost as if you have to prove how much you really want the thing you just committed to.

How many times have you re-committed to your health goals on Monday and face planted by mid-week or, most certainly, by the weekend? A lot, I bet.

You trip a few times (because let’s face it discipline is hard), but then you slide much further down that slippery slope by stalling and postponing “getting back to work” on Monday.


Enough. Your Monday morning “do-over” is just resistance is disguise.


This weekend when you find yourself compromising your healthy habits and rationalizing that Monday you will pull yourself together (yet again), ask yourself this instead: “What can I do RIGHT NOW to show my body, mind and soul a little respect?” These are the moments in which greatness starts to hatch.

Maybe that moment looks like not finishing that third glass of wine, reading something that feeds your soul, going for a walk or taking a much needed nap.

Remind yourself that you are perfectly capable of making a small decision to promote health in this very moment. It doesn’t need to wait until Monday morning. Committing, yet again, to starting Monday really just perpetuates the habits that aren’t serving you.

Healthy people don’t always make decisions in the best interest of their health, but they do tend to bring themselves back from the edge relatively quickly.


You are worth the effort it will take to stay conscious of your choices and make the next one a little better.

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