Guiding Principles for Your Health

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In case you are new here (hey…it happens) my name is Courtney Townley, and I run a sweet little health & personal development business called Grace & Grit that has served women around the globe for well over a decade.

Here are a few principles that shape the foundation of the work that I teach:

  • Health is multifaceted. (It is so much bigger than the diet and exercise conversation it has been boiled down to.)
  • Improving health is not an exercise in self-love OR self-discipline. It requires BOTH. (Which is why I named my company Grace & Grit.)
  • WHAT you do is not nearly as important as WHY you do it.
  • NO ONE can tell you what is best for your life. That is for YOU to figure out. (Self-leadership is one of the most rewarding skills you could ever develop.)
  • The key to being consistent is developing PRACTICES you can sustain rather than chasing RESULT you can’t.
  • Your ability to become a fully expressed and fulfilled human is largely dependant on your willingness to be disliked.
  • What you make your mistakes and challenges mean will either fuel your capacity to rise or extinguish it.
  • Whatever you think is what you will seek out evidence for.

Want more insight into my work? There are over 200 Grace & Grit Podcast episodes waiting for you here.

Tell me 1 of your guiding principles for health (be it mental or physical) in the comments below.

guiding principles for health

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