Could use a little help rebuilding your health foundation?


Years ago my husband and I were living on the east coast and we were young and we had no money but we really wanted to be homeowners.

So, we looked at some pretty interesting places and there was this one place that I was trying to convince myself and my husband that we could totally make work.

If we just put some paint on the outside and we did some yard work, it would be fine. My husband, who’s a builder pointed out to me… “Courtney, when you walk in the front door you can feel this entire house imploding. We can buy this house but you need to be prepared that we have got to rebuild from the foundation up in order for this home to be sustainable.”

I always think of this story in the health conversation because our culture loves to sell us this idea that if we just fix the outside, we’re going to be fine but the truth is… 

The work of health is an inside job and if we don’t build a sturdy foundation our house will implode.

So what does a sturdy foundation look like when it comes to health?

👉 Honoring the basic needs of your body. (a nutrient-dense diet, hydration, movement, connection).

👉 Choosing strategies and practices you can sustain.

👉 Choosing wisely the thoughts you play on repeat in your head.

👉 Processing emotion in ways that support your well-being rather than harm it.

👉 Taking ownership of decisions that nourish your life.

It doesn’t really matter how great the outside looks if the inside is imploding.

Building sturdy a sturdy foundation is the work we do inside of my Rumble & Rise community.

If you could use a little help rebuilding your foundation…come join us.

A sturdy health foundation matters.

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