Health is not a look. It’s a way of being.


Respect: To treat something or someone with kindness and care.

Here are a few things to respect if you truly want to embody health.

1. Respect Your Chemistry

If you are not taking care of your body’s basic needs, it can be difficult if not downright impossible to BE healthy.

2. Respect Your Resources

In order to direct your energy towards the things that nourish your health and away from things that deplete it, you are going to have to manage your resources like… time, energy, willpower, and focus.

3. Respect Your Brain

Decision fatigue and reactivity are very real challenges that can cause you to do things that cost you health Learning skills to help you respect your brain is more potent than any superfood.

4. Respect Emotions

Emotions are messengers about how you are in relationship with the world around you… if you ignore them or suppress them, your health will suffer.

It is tempting to hyperfocus on the WHAT in the heath equation…

What to eat.
What exercise program to follow.
What supplements take.
What experts to follow.

The WHAT matters but the WHY is everything.

Why are you focusing on what you eat? Because you think you “should” or because you want to.

Why are you exercising? Because you don’t think you are lovable unless you look a particular way or because it is a way of honoring all that your body does for you?

Why are you taking supplements? Because your best friend is selling them to you or because you have done your research and it feels like the next right step?

Why are you following anyone online? Because you want to outsource your decision-making or because you want to learn how to lead yourself.

The answers matter to your health. A lot:)

Health is more than the actions we take. It is why we take those actions in the first place.

Do you agree?? Come share your thoughts with me, here.

Health is not a look. It's a way of being. Which means...

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