Just when you hit your stride, a curveball…


Can you relate?

Just when you hit your stride, a curveball gets thrown at you:

🤒You get sick
🤕Your kid breaks his arm
🐕Your dog gets an eye infection
😔There is a death in the family
✈️You have to travel unexpectedly

Curveballs come in many forms AND they are a part of life.

Life will throw you the unexpected for the rest of your life because…well… that’s life!

And learning how to rumble with curveballs without tossing your own self-care to the wind is a skill missing from the toolbox of an awful lot of women…not because they lack capability but because they have been practicing the all-or-nothing mentality for so long.

Curveballs require that you be flexible in your approach to self-care. Taking care of yourself looks wildly different when life is moving on the straight and narrow vs when any one of the above mentioned things gets thrown in your path.

If you could use a little help navigating curveballs with more grace and ease you should check out the Rumble & Rise community.

Pssst…check out the video on Instagram. I made my son’s day filming this and asking him to throw a ball at me.

Just when you hit your stride, a curveball gets thrown at you...

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