Are you lost in the wilderness of health & wellness?


The summer before my final year of college, my friend Eric asked me if I wanted to go into the Bob Marshall Wilderness with him for a week.

The Bob Marshall Wilderness complex spans more than 1.5 million acres in northwestern Montana. It is full of rugged and outrageously breathtaking landscapes. It also happens to be a popular home to Grizzlies and mountain lions.

Always up for an adventure, of course, I said yes.

Eric was a very experienced outdoorsman. He had been leading people through the backcountry for years as a NOLS instructor.

NOLS stands for National Outdoor Leadership School and it is precisely that… a wilderness skill and leadership school that teaches people how to embrace outdoor adventure with maximum safety for humans and minimal impact on the environment.

I was in very good hands. Thank goodness because…

There were a lot of moments on that trip where there was no trail to follow. Had I not been with Eric or worse…had something happened to him…I am not sure I would have ever made it back home.

Eric’s navigation skills kept me safe, but also made me acutely aware of the navigation skills I was missing to lead myself through the wilderness without following someone else’s path.

That experience, I like to think, was one of the many breadcrumbs that lead me to the work that I do today in the health arena… teaching women how to lead themselves through the rugged and, oftentimes, dangerous terrain of the wellness industry more confidently so they too can make it back home safe and sound.

You won’t always have a coach, or a teacher, or an Eric to tell you where to step next.

So, I have created a workshop to teach you the framework for traveling through the health arena with more confidence and a lot less overwhelm.

It’s called Shut Out the Noise and I’d love you to join me.

Are you lost in the wilderness of health & wellness?

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