A healthy relationship with discipline includes ebb and flow.

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I do not have a sexy sales pitch for my clients.


I don’t sell them meal plans (though I do teach them a lot about nutrition).

I don’t sell them exercise programs (though I do teach them a lot about physiology).

I don’t sell them on false promises they can’t sustain like: lose 10 lbs in 10 days.


What I teach my client is how to come home to themselves.

A healthy relationship with discipline includes ebb and flow.

I teach them to lean into the work they are being called to do out of the love & respect they have for themselves.

I teach them how to develop self-trust, so they can stop chasing sexy sales pitches:)

I teach how to fortify their self-worth, so they stop looking for someone else to make decisions about their body.

I teach them self-confidence so they see the false promises in marketing for what they are… a way to line someone else’s pocket.


The content of my courses and membership site is built of these simple truths:  
  1. Self-discipline is an extension of self-love.
  2. Mental and physical health is found somewhere in the space between self-love (which I call Grace) and self-discipline (which I call Grit). It is not an either/or equation. You need both.
  3. You and only you can find that sweet spot between Grace & Grit. NO ONE other than you really knows what your work is but you.

Grace & Grit are both constants – you always need them in some way. But it is SO important to remember that there is an ebb and flow to the self-discipline piece.


Sometimes self-love requires that you work harder and sometimes self-love looks like backing the hell off.


Get super honest with yourself.

What is the real work YOU are being called to do right now? To lean in harder or to pull back?

Drop your answer in the comments.

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