Hormones & Habits

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This month on the Grace & Grit Podcast we are doing a deep dive into hormonal health and I have some incredible guests lined up for you to help you better understand the wild and wacky world of hormones.

The human body secretes and circulates some 50 different hormones and there is a lot of interplay between hormones, which can make things complicated…to say the least.

When 1 hormone is out of alignment, it can make a mess of MANY hormones, and leave you a hot, frustrated mess (quite literally).

Because you are clearly someone who values her health (otherwise why would you be reading this?), and hormones govern your health, it would be oh-so-wise to do all you can to maintain peace and happiness in your hormonal kingdom.

While you may not have control over your genetics or the aging process (both of which do influence hormonal health), how you live your life will have the greatest influence over your hormonal state.

And how you live your life can be summarized in 1 word: HABITS.

If there is an area of your health story that could use a bit of improvement and….come on…we all have at least one…. it would be hugely beneficial for you to become hyper-aware of how your lifestyle may be contributing to that health challenge and consider what habits need to be renovated to improve it.

Here are a few suggestions I have for making that renovation project less painful:

#1 Commit to Less

You are smart, you are capable and, I have no doubt you know a lot about the types of habits that would promote hormonal bliss and, ultimately, stellar health.

However, none of that changes the fact that you are a human being that only has so much bandwidth in your prefrontal cortex to dedicate to conscious thought (which needs to be activated if you want to change your habits).

The average human makes about 60,000 decisions a day. Many of those are subconscious, but many of them are conscious.

Decision fatigue is a VERY real thing.

Bestselling author and habit change guru, Leo Babauta, states in his book, The Power of Less, that when committing to 1 change at a time, you have about an 80% success rate but when you commit to changing more than 1 routine at a time, your success rate drops to 30%.

No wonder most diets fail!

In the Grace & Grit Signature Program, we work on 1 habit change for 2 weeks, which may seem agonizingly slow, but for those who do the work, that is 26 new habits in a year. Which is LIFE CHANGING.

#2 Keep it Stupid Simple

Also known as the KISS method. When you commit to a new habit, try breaking it down so small that you find it difficult to rationalize your way out of the work.

If you only drink two 8-ounce glasses of water a day, expecting yourself to drink a gallon a day is a recipe for disaster.

How about you start by committing to just ONE more 8-ounce glass, first and slowly work your way up?

You can keep overwhelming yourself with BIG changes that will keep resulting in more frustration.


You can learn to draw smaller circles of expectation for yourself by keeping your new commitments “stupid simple”, which will allow you to be CONSISTENT.

#3 Please, STOP telling yourself it only takes 21-days to establish a new habit.

Habits are relationships and like all relationships, they each have their own level of difficulty.

Some new habits will be a lot like meeting someone you feel like you have known forever; the relationship will be easy and take no time at all to establish.

And other habits…

Will be much more complicated; they will need a ton of attention and nurturing to stay healthy.

If you have been a bully to yourself for the past 40 years, self-love isn’t going to be the result of a 21-day practice.

If you have had a lifetime of sugar addiction, sugar is something you may have to “proceed with caution” around for the rest of your life.

I tell you this to reaffirm that fortifying your hormonal health cannot be reduced to BIG measures in SHORT time frames. Hormonal health will largely be a reflection of the daily PRACTICES you commit yourself to over the long haul.

If you missed this week’s podcast dedicated to Hormonal Health 101, you can check it out HERE.

Above all, if you are feeling overwhelmed, remember to take a breath and keep the changes you are committing to stupid simple. Then rinse and repeat. That is the secret sauce. 🙂

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