You CAN change your mind about how much you commit to this holiday season.


It would be fantastic if the holidays were as joy-filled and seamless as the Hallmark commercials make them out to be, but the holiday season can be (and so often is) riddled with challenges just like any other time of the year.

Case in point, last year during the holiday season…

My husband and I both got COVID,

Our 2-year-old Great Dane got glaucoma practically overnight and ended up having to have both of his eyes removed,

And, as if we weren’t being tested enough, part of our roof blew off during a winter storm.

There was so much happening that there was no possible way I could show up for the holidays like I had in years past. My family and I, quite literally, had to sit this one out; ditching every commitment and releasing every expectation.

Contrary to the dramatic storylines I was weaving in my head (and there were many), the sun kept rising every morning and setting every evening.

Though I would never want to relive a holiday like that, it reminded me in a powerful way that I really can decide AT ANY TIME to show up differently or, heck, not even show up at all for a while… and a new day will still dawn.

Doing less, saying no, and even at times, opting out is often what is required to nurture, heal, and protect mental and physical health (yes, even during the holiday season).

I don’t know what that might look like for you over the next few weeks but what I do know is that you CAN change your mind about how much you commit to this season in dedication to protecting your own well-being and starting the New Year ready and able, rather than feeling in desperate need of recovery from the Holi-DAZE.

On that note, I have two podcast episodes for you that might help you in that endeavor:

Episode 262: Thriving Through the Holi-DAZE

Episode 137: Redefining the Holidays (an oldie but goodie)

Both can be found on your favorite podcast app by searching The Grace & Grit Podcast: Helping Women Everywhere Live Happier Healthier & More Fit Lives.

I hope they help make your holidays a little brighter—like this fun Instagram video—and a lot more grace-filled.

This Holiday Season

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